Hello teachers, librarians and parents!

We’re so glad to have you here! It is our mission to inspire a new generation to become lifelong readers and lovers of books. You’re the people who help make this happen. Through you, the characters, story and message of these books can come to life for the children you teach and care for.

All our books contain specific themes tailored to the educational needs of each age-group. Be sure to keep a look out for these under each book title as you browse our resources. They are there to help you discover the perfect book based on the topic you want. From entering the world of a relative with dementia, to a child with autism, from overcoming anxiety, to coping with the loss of a parent and much much more, EK Books has real life happily covered for children aged 3 to 13.


Our award-winning picture books cover issues that affect us all, with uplifting stories and beautiful images that give children the confidence to thrive in today’s complex world.

For the first time we are exclusively offering schools and libraries curated book packs, containing bonus titles for better value, and supported by free comprehensive teacher notes and activities, linked to the Australian curriculum.

9 Hardcover and 2 Paperbacks for

9 Hardcover and 2 Paperbacks for

11 Hardcover books for

10 Hardcover and 1 Paperback for



Several of our children’s authors and members of the book community have recorded read-alouds with sneak-peak previews of our EK Books. Read along with your own book at home or simply sit back and enjoy.

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