🌳 Created for World Environment Day 🌳

Are you raising a little empath? Do your little ones worry about the trees outside like Finn from Growing Pains?

Do they wish they could be best friends with the animals they meet like Joao in Where The Heart Is? Or perhaps they want to grow up to be like the scientists and environmentalists in Tree Beings?

No matter the shape it takes, encouraging this environmental empathy in our children is an investment in their future.

USD $18.99

A touching story about curiosity, empathy, care of the environment, and overcoming fears.

USD $24.99

Trees are essential to our world. Tree Beings is your guide to appreciating trees through the stories of people who love them. So strap on your hiking boots, and enjoy this informative adventure through the wonderful world of Tree Beings!

USD $18.99

Young readers will delight in travelling across the ocean with Dindim, meeting whales and albatross! Heartfelt and educational, this is a celebration of the power of friendship and the beauty of the natural world.