Nova’s Missing Masterpiece Events

When Nova realizes the artwork she created for Dad’s birthday present is missing, her tummy flip flops and her heart ker-thumps. She and her dog, Harley, turn the house upside down, searching absolutely everywhere, but the missing masterpiece is nowhere to be found. Nova loses her temper but Harley remains calm and content. Can Nova learn from her dog, calm herself down and find her Dad’s present in time for his birthday party?

Join the creators as they celebrate the release of their new book:

BOOK LAUNCH: Nova’s Missing Masterpiece with Brooke Graham & Robin Tatlow-Lord

24-2-24 | 11AM | Where the Wild Things Are | QLD Join Brooke Graham and Robin Tatlow-Lord to launch Nova’s Missing Masterpiece. There will be a Q & A, storytelling, craft and cupcakes! Nova’s Missing Masterpiece highlights a girl’s bond […]

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