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In this sensitive tale, Tug and Ship are connected by bonds of love despite being oceans apart. Anchored honors the intrinsic value and worth of a child, the parent–child bond, attachment and the sustaining power of love. It’s an empowering story that will give children a sense of pride and strength to get through the ‘missing you’ days.


“A comforting picture book about separation and reunion”

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781922539496  | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Debra Tidball is an award-winning author of picture books, short stories, poems and plays for children. With social work and children’s literature qualification, Debra is a children’s book enthusiast with a particular passion for picture books and the profound way they can touch children’s lives.

Arielle Li is a Taiwanese-Australian illustrator based in Australia with a compelling new style. She has been passionate about creating art from a young age, and has been pursuing illustration as a career since 2019.

Shortlisted for The Rubery Book Awards 2023, in the Illustrated Children’s Book category

“Anchored is a picture book with bold illustrations, anthropomorphic characters, and a gentle narrative. Its themes include emotional connections, separation anxiety, love, and resilience. Anchored is an empowering story recommended for an early childhood audience. It is sure to bring comfort to any child who spends extended periods apart from a loved one.”

The Week
“This comforting picture book about a big ship and a little tugboat focuses on the themes of separation and reunion, and how we carry thoughts of our loved ones with us wherever we go.”

Region Riverina
“Inspired by her own childhood experiences of missing her father when he served with the RAAF in the Vietnam War, Debra’s book celebrates the connection between children and their loved ones when separated by distance. Debra hopes her new story will resonate with military families and others who spend time away from the people they love.”

Fiona Smyth (via instagram)
“Beautifully captures the emotions of separation, longing and reunion” 

Linda’s Book Bag
“a beautiful and sensitive exploration of what it is like to be lonely and to miss someone” “perfect for children new to school and feeling a little out of place or lost”

Good Reading
“A comforting book, especially if you are missing someone in your life. It helps use to remember that, even though we may not be with those we love, we are always in their hearts. Just like they are in ours” 

Magpies Schools Magazine
“The use of a small boat and a huge Ship to explore separation anxiety and resilience keeps everything on a very neutral, almost abstract, plane. This allows the intended audience of young children to insert their own feelings into the story”

My Picture Book Heart (via Instagram)
“Written with beautiful descriptive language paired with absolutely delightful illustrations, this heart-warming new release celebrates the power of our connections with others, even when we are apart’

Reading Time
“This is a book that seems to celebrate friendship – how two very different ‘people’ can have a sustained and loving relationship despite being separated by time and distance”

The Strawberry Post
“a wonderful story to explain to children how much they are loved even if their parents have to go away for a while.” 

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator Newsletter
“The story of a big ship and little tugboat and the sustaining and transformative power of being anchored in each other’s hearts, despite being oceans apart.“

Blue Wolf Reviews
“The author of the Picture Book Anchored understands the importance of attachment in a child’s life. Without that sense of belonging some children feel quite lost. This story is an attempt to reassure young people that absence doesn’t mean a loss of love.”

NZ Poetry Box
“Anchored is a heartwarming story about absence, about what you might do in the face of separation, when you miss someone you care about deeply. The story features a tugboat and a ship. They work hard together during the day: ‘pushing”, “pulling”, “prodding”. But at night they go their separate ways and the tugboat is forlorn. Tug finally tells Sip how they feel, and Ship has some excellent advice.”

The Bottom Shelf Edu Blog
“Written for our youngest readers to reassure them that even though they might be separated from a parent for a time, out of sight does not mean out of mind and that they are always anchored in the heart of the absent one regardless.” Click here to read

Sunday Telegraph
“A comforting story of the powers of connection with loved ones no matter where they are. Illustrated with swirling oceans and sky and bold geometric shapes. This is the perfect book for a young person who is missing someone who is away in another place.”

Your Kid’s Next Read podcast

“I absolutely loved adored this book. This one really hit me in the feels. It is beautifully written with illustrations that are just gorgeous things. If you have a little one who worries about separation anxiety, this would be a lovely one for them“ Click here to listen 

Bounty Parents
 “A reassuring book can help your child“ Click here to read

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