Bedtime, Daddy!

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Putting Daddy to bed can be hard work. Especially when he starts crying!

This story will show you how to wrestle your daddy into his pyjamas and read just one more bedtime story. ‘I’m thirrrrrrrrssssssty,’ says Daddy. ‘I need to poop … I’m hungry … But I’ll miss you,’ he says, while he looks at you with cutie eyes. You’ll have to battle the bedtime excuses and use go-away monster spray until Daddy finally goes to sleep.

Bedtime can be a mission for many, but with these gorgeous illustrations of a little bear and his dad, this is the perfect role-reversal bedtime story to help put any fussy child to bed in a fun and positive way. Full of heart and humour, Bedtime, Daddy! is for anyone who wants to try and put a grown-up to bed.



Specifications: 9781925820386 | Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages | Colour

Milo Reads
“This would be a perfect story for any child who need some encouragement at bedtime, and guaranteed to get a giggle from any aged little one. Click here to read more

Pinerolo reviewed
“The tables are turned in this entertaining book about putting Dad to bed, complete with very funny and engaging illustrations.”

Canberra Times
“This hilariously entertaining book is a must-read for anyone with a reluctant sleeper!” Click here to read more 

Herald Sun
“Expect loads of laughs as roles are reversed and Dad puts up a fight to delay his inevitable bedtime.”

NZ Booklovers
“It’s also an interesting book for its absence – but there is no Mummy. Giltrow subtly explores the bond between a father and his child in Bedtime, Daddy.” Click here to read more

Reader’s Digest NZ and Asia
“If you are separated from your favourite small people then reading them a story via a video app could be just the antidote. If putting kids to bed seems like mission impossible you will love this book!”

Reading Time
“This is a cute story that young children will very much enjoy – seeing roles reversed and the child taking the lead at bedtime will surely appeal. Daddy is hamming it up as a reluctant sleeper, which will amuse both adults and children. The illustrations are cartoonish, funny, and engaging. This will surely be a bedtime favourite for preschoolers and parents alike.” Click here to read

Literacy, families and Learning
“A funny and engaging picture book that readers 1-5 will love” Click here to read in full

In Their Own Write
“This quirky look at the nightly bedtime routine is sure to become a family favourite.” Click here to read

SchoolDays Magazine
“the illustrations and story are sure to delight young readers around 6 to 7 years of age.” Click here to read

Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
“Parents and younger readers will really resonate with this story and the beautifully illustrated scenes with lots of detail will be so familiar, but they will also love the twists in the tale that make it stand out from other stories on the topic.” Click here to read

Factor X
“When an absolutely tired little bear struggles to get his daddy to go to bed you will giggle at the antics”

Buzz Words
“Giltrow has written a book that flips the role-play between a Little Bear and his Daddy. It’s hard work putting a Daddy Bear to bed: he is full of bedtime excuses and dramas that even call for monster spray. The endless battles to get Daddy to sleep are hilarious.” Click here to read

“A funny and uplifting bedtime story for even the fussiest of sleepers! This lovely little story makes bedtime fun with a role-reversal twist as the little bear works hard to put his daddy to bed.“ Click here to view

Xpress Magazine
“There’s some observational comedy gold in these pages for parents, while kids will laugh at the sheer silliness of Daddy Bear wearing his pyjamas on his head and belly-flopping onto the bed.” Click here to view

Kids Book Review: 12 Curly Questions with Sharon Giltrow

12 Curly Questions with author Sharon Giltrow

1. Tell us something hardly anyone knows about you. I am the youngest of eight children so, I was an aunty before I was even born. My mum and two sisters all had babies in the same year. That was a great year in our family.

Author spotlight by Dani Duck – on what it’s like to release a book during a pandemic

Sharon Giltrow, Digital Trailblazer

In-person book readings, signings and story times were also now out of the question. So, my publisher EK Books asked me to do a of BEDTIME, DADDY on YouTube. I quickly upskilled myself in selfie-videos and found out that it is tricky to hold up a book and read naturally even though you can see yourself the whole time.


Chitchat with Author Sharon Giltrow

Hello, dear readers! Once again, the Kitlit Oasis has summoned you because it’s the place to refresh your spirits, recharge your creativity, and get a literary mood boost! Now, as you’re getting ready to enjoy our next interview, stretch your smiles wide and get comfy and cozy for a lovely chitchat because today we have another awesome creative on the Chitchat series…

Tuesday Debut – Presenting Sharon Giltrow!

Welcome to Tuesday Debut, Everyone! You are in for a treat today! Our debut-ess is sharing some fabulous information on her writing process, query letter, and marketing that we can ALL learn a great deal from! I’m thrilled to introduce you to Sharon Giltrow and her very entertaining debut picture book BEDTIME, DADDY!

Meet the author: Sharon Giltrow

MEET THE AUTHOR Sharon Giltrow writes humorous picture books and adventure-filled chapter books. She lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband, two children, a tom cat and a miniature dog. Sharon’s debut picture book is available in May 2020. Today we’re chatting to Sharon about Bedtime, Daddy!, which is illustrated by Katrin Dreiling.

Sharon Giltrow – Share Your Story

6) What is the most important thing about what you want to do? I want to write books that parents, teachers and children can enjoy sharing together. Books that help children to develop a love for reading and writing. 7) Do you believe books can change the world? Yes.

Dim’s Write Stuff
“Bedtime, Daddy! is another glorious flip-the-scenario type picture book (its) perfect fodder for incorporating into those pre-bedtime rituals. Daddy is anthropomorphically portrayed as an uncooperative recalcitrant (bear) child determined to delay going to bed for as long as possible. Click here to read in full.

Read for Fun
“This is a fun bedtime book for kids who really don’t want to go to bed… or any family. My 18 year old enjoyed reading this story, so there is no age limit here..” Click here to read

The Strawberry Post
“Any adults reading this with their children can relate to the way that maybe their kids are during the bedtime routine and can give both adults and kids a chance of talking about this, as well as just enjoying all the funny things that happen!” Click here to read more

Review by Rachel Funez
“This cute “how-to” book is sure to give your child a sense of control and make them giggle.” Click here to read more

Book review by Gabi Snyder
“Kids will giggle as they recognize daddy’s familiar stall tactics. And the fun and whimsical illustrations employ an appealing collage style. This story is sure to be a bedtime hit with kids and adults, alike!” Click here to read more

Vivan Kirkfield – Perfect Picture Book Friday
“Charming illustrations will keep the kids engaged and turning the pages!” Click here to read more

It’s All About Stories
“A hilarious take on the bedtime routine tale, with the roles swapped – this time it’s Daddy’s bedtime and … what a palaver. Brilliant.” Click her to view