Charles Darwin

Scientists Who Changed the World

Charles Darwin pioneered a theory of evolution that changed the way we see the natural world and the progression of species. But despite his great advancement of the field, Darwin’s theories were extremely controversial. Find out why in this biography designed to engage and educate young readers, with colourful illustrations and quirky design. See how the work of this brilliant scientist revolutionised society’s views of evolution, changing our understanding of the world around us forever!

The ‘Scientists Who Changed the World’ series looks at some of the world’s greatest scientists and how their work and discoveries changed society. It takes the social and theological forces that affected scientists in each individual era and examines how their discoveries in turn helped shaped the world around them, both at the time and in the future.



Specifications: 9781925820706 | Hardback | 235 x 184mm | 64 Pages | Colour | EK Books

Friends of the Gardens Magazine
“Featuring creative layouts and colourful pictures, this 64-page hardcover book is designed to introduce 8–12 year-olds to Darwin’s theory of evolution in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. Readers will discover how species became so diverse, and other curious facts of nature.”

Science Teacher’s Associate of Victoria
“a delightful introduction to the wonders of science. Surely, a worthwhile book to have in a school library.”

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Anita Cray has presented (Darwin’s) story in short form, which makes awe inspiring reading and will prove to be an inspiration to any young person who is, or has, a fascination with any of the sciences.” Click here to read in full

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens 
“readers will discover how species become so diverse”… looks at why Darwin’s contemporaries found it hard to accept his theories”

Educate Empower
 “This science book is a great read for children from ages 6 and up. Younger children can gain information from the photographs and illustrations whilst older children can read the information that has been set out in timelines, paragraphs, quotes and quick small facts.” Click here to view

Buzz Words
“Charles Darwin is part of a series designed to help us learn about scientists who changed the world. Many children hear about scientists but may not really know what they contributed to our world. This book gives a clear understanding of Charles Darwin’s theory that animals adapted and evolved to survive and that we are all connected.” Click here to read in full

SchoolDays Magazine
“The author has included so many fascinating aspects to Charles Darwins life and in a style that the reader is sure to enjoy and keep on reading. This book and the other two in the series of Scientists Who Changed the World should be in every young readers library and school library.” Click here to read in full

The Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
”this new series about the scientists on whose shoulders today’s generation stands is timely, Apart from anything else, it demonstrates there are almost as many fields of science as there are people investigating and so if immunology and epidemiology don’t appeal, then there are endless other facets that might. The first three in the series introduce us to a physicist, a marine biologist and an anthropologist, all of whom changed the world’s thinking with their discoveries .”Click here to read in full

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