Finding Granny

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We never really lose the people we love…

Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke. In Finding Granny, that someone is Edie’s beloved grandmother. When Edie comes to the hospital, she is confronted by the physical changes in her grandmother: muddled words, a crooked face, a woman confined to bed. This isn’t the ‘playtime, bedtime, story-time pantomime Granny’ that Edie knows. ‘That’s not my Granny,’ she says, as she waits outside in the corridor during her mother’s visits. But when her mother takes Edie to watch one of Granny’s art therapy sessions, Edie starts to understand that the Granny she loves is still there. Finding Granny is a heart-warming story of changing relationships and the bond between children and grandparents. It’s also a sensitive exploration of coping with illness and disability that will offer children much-needed comfort.



SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 245 x 255 | 9½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

Reviewer’s Bookwatch
“Ideal and unreservedly recommended.” – Click here to read in full.

Children’s Bookwatch
“A heart-warming story of changing relationships …It’s also a sensitive exploration of coping with illness and disability that will offer children ages 5 to 6 much-needed comfort. Finding Granny is unique and unreservedly recommended.” – Click here to read in full.

Boomerang Books
“The moment the glorious end pages of this book, melting with blended colour, greet you, you know you are part of something special … a judiciously presented picture book that broaches the subjects of illness and disability in an open, sensitive and creative way that 4 – 8-year-olds will find appealing and easy to accept.” – Click here to read in full.  

School Days Magazine
“A good book to read with young children which explains in a gentle manner how to deal when things that go wrong with loved ones.” Click here to read in full. 

Blue Wolf Reviews
“The font in this story is a good size for easy reading and following. The text is simple and direct covering complex issues basically. The illustrations are quite special, covering most of the double page spread. Water washed paint gives a gentle tone to the front and back covers. This is an excellent discussion starter for young children with older family members.” Click here to read in full.

Hip Little One
“There is so many things to love about Finding Granny and the important messages is shared with young readers: The importance of family, the impact of (sudden) illness/accident/age and how it may change people from the outside, but how they stay the same on the inside. Patience, the value of art therapy and how you should never give up on people. And of course never judge someone by their looks or abilities!”
Click here to read in full.

Just Kids Lit
“Every once in a while you come across an author and their book that resonates with you so deeply. Their story so passionate and honest that you need to find out more. Well, we are absolutely delighted to introduce to you the wonderful Kate Simpson and her brand new, heart-warming picture book, Finding Granny!” Click here to read in full.

Just Kids Lit
“Hope, rather than despair. Love, rather than resentment. Evocative and touching. Finding Granny is a memorable read about the impact of change through illness, and the shining light that is very possible to find in a challenging situation.” Click here to view.

The Daily Telegraph
“Finding Granny is a heartening tale of the bond between children and grandparents, and how this relationship continues to change and flourish. It broaches a difficult subject that can be hard for children to understand with care and sensitivity, and shows that no matter what happens a little love can help you through life’s challenges. ” Click here to read in full. 

The Bottom Shelf Edu Blog
“Edie’s Granny is perfect – she’s warm, loving and all things fun. But when she has a stroke, suddenly the Granny Edie knows isn’t there anymore. Or is she? A heart-warming story of love, hope and coping with life’s challenges.” Click here to read in full.

Miss Jenny’s Classroom
“This is a great way to explore medical conditions like a stroke or heart attack which have a rehabilitation aspect – it also helps to create a sense of empathy for others and not judging them on face value .” Click here to read in full.

Swings + Roundabouts Magazine
“This touching story alongside the colourful illustrations would be a great book to have in your children’s library for discussions on illness, disability and even getting old!” Click here to read in full.

At The Table Magazine 
“…filled with sensitivity and love.” Click here to view.

 Reading Time
Granny is a heart-warming story about the love shared by children and grandparents, and the way relationships can change with illness and age. It’s also a sensitive and emotionally honest account that will offer support and comfort to children (and families) struggling with the effects of illness on their own lives.” Click here to view.