Game On – Series Pack

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Written with reluctant readers in mind, and featuring gaming inspired mayhem that kids will love, the Game On series will be a blast for readers aged 8-12.


In the pack:
Game On: Shrinkle

When a game on their babysitter’s phone shrinks them to the size of minifigures, game-obsessed Max and his prankster brother Liam must navigate their now dangerous house, filled with giant baby sisters, sneaky cats, and sofa mountains.

Game On: Glitched

Liam hasn’t learnt his lesson and plays with Miss McBoob’s phone AGAIN. This time, a glitching app they’re sent hurtling back in time to different versions of their home town. They’ll have to solve the riddles and dodge dinosaurs if they ever want to get back to their own time, all before the phone battery dies!


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Emily Snape is a children’s author and illustrator living in London. Her work has appeared online, on television (for Nickelodeon and the BBC), in shops and even on buses! She loves coffee and notebooks, and has three cheeky children, Leo, Fin and Flo who keep her on her toes and give her lots of inspiration for stories.

Emily loves to mix real life with a twist of fantasy, throwing everyday emotions and events up in the air and allowing us to consider them from another angle. Her previous books include Fergus the Furball, a funny tale for independent readers, and board books for younger readers. These include An Alphabet of Hugs, and Hey! Look at you…On the Move and Hey! Look at you…In the Jungle.

Emily has two sons close in age who often bicker, so when she decided to write a book for 7–11 year olds, she wanted to explore sibling rivalry, with humour and a fast-paced, unpredictable plot. Her most recent title is Game On: Shrinkle, the first book in the Game On series.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Game On: Shrinkle, is a story for the children who love adventure of the gaming kind”

Barbara Braxton, ReadPlus
“This is the sort of story that will pull even reluctant readers away from their screens”

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