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Life’s Brighter When You’re Not Wearing Grey Glasses!

The fourth book in the popular ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, Grey-glasses-itis helps children to understand the link between how they see things and how they feel. Loppy notices that he feels differently when he looks at the world around him through different-coloured glasses. Yellow glasses make him feel cheerful. Grey glasses make him feel sad. Children will learn that a simple shift in perception can often give them some influence over their feelings, helping to build their emotional resilience.



SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 305 x 230 mm | 12 x 9 inches | Colour | 32 Pages

Hip Little One
“a wonderful way to teach my kids the importance of positivity, how we can influence our emotions and look at things differently ”  Click here to read in full.

Buzz Words review article
“…aims to give your child a way to think about and manage their moods and feelings. The message is that the way we look at things will affect the way we feel, a good life lesson.” Click here to read.

ABC Newcastle radio segment
“…it’s about awareness [of emotions] and promotes choice. It is a great technique to help have conversations with. If you can put a colour on an emotion for a kid who maybe is not communicating very well.”

Blue Wolf Reviews review article
“In this wonderful new story Lynne Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan, with the help of Loppy, teach little ones the difference which can be made in their lives by simply doing something very small to change the way they feel, and how that feeling is bound up in how they think.” Click here to read.

Reading Time review article
“The message here is important. Sometimes we feel sad, and changing our outlook, which is what the different coloured glasses represent, is helpful. There are times we, and children, cannot see the colours and joy in life.” Click here to read.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper article
“…an age appropriate method way of discussing mental health and wellbeing with young children.” Click here to read.


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