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Far below the rainforest canopy, a grub feels that his body is about to change. Wondering what he will turn into, he looks to his insect friends for answers. With lush illustrations full of realistic detail, Grub immerses us in the world of the forest floor as we take a journey of discovery on the way to the final, surprising, metamorphosis.


SPECIFICATIONS: 9781922539267  | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Suzie Cato (Suzie’s World)
Grub is the gorgeous story of the growth and development of a grub who wonders what he will morph into.”

 View Suzie reading the story

Sandra Severgnini owned an art gallery and retail store before finally deciding it was well and truly time to nurture her lifetime passion and focus on children’s picture books. Her fascination with the magical natural world around her inspires her words and brings sensitivity and humour to her illustrations.

Jean Little Library
“Grub continues on its triumphant way – it’s our featured outreach book this month and so far over one hundred three and four year olds strongly approve!”

The Daily Telegraph
“The Illustrations of insects in their habitats are both wonderful and informative.”

Backyard Magazine
“Sure to send young readers on a journey of discovery.”

Read Me
“Children will be mesmerised by the information put in this book, and use it as a springboard to seek out further facts. A stunning addition to the non fiction world for younger readers.”

Organic Gardener
“It’s good to see a growing number of beautiful picture books that explain our natural world to young children. The latest is Grub by award-winning Queensland illustrator Sandra Severgnini. With superb illustrations and real warmth, she tells the story of a grub who wonders what he will turn into. You’ll have to read the book to discover the impressive insect he turned into.”

Reading With A Chance of Tacos podcast
“Every now and then a book comes along that I can’t put down because I am completely enthralled by the illustrations. This is one of those booksStarts at 12mins 13 secs CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Swings and Roundabouts – NZ
“Grub is a fantastic introduction to the processes of metamorphosis. The bright and detailed illustrations are stunning and offer a glimpse of a rainforest and all its biodiversity. This book will support children’s interest in metamorphosis through story and inspire wonder and curiosity. For children 3+”

Good Reading Magazine
“An unforgettable and beautifully presented book” 

Grass Roots Magazine
“An enjoyable story based around the age-old question,’ who am I’? Delightful”

Science Teachers of Victoria Association’s Magazine – Let’s Find Out
“Grub” is an entertaining colourful scientific picture story book. For young students “Grub” is the good introduction to the living world and life cycles. As the book includes not only insects but also flowers, leaves and habitats. “Grub” is a book perfectly suited to young school aged children is a book and is well worth having in the school library.”

South Sydney Herald
“packed with a number of important themes, including metamorphosis, life cycles and self-awareness.” Click here to read

Picture Book Parents
“Grub is a fascinating introduction to animals that have a lifecycle involving metamorphosis. There are some super interesting facts about the beetle Grub transforms into at the back of the book that provide extra interest for budding entomologists.” Click here to view

In The Good Books
“This book is a great way to explain change, life cycles, and metamorphosis to children.”

Story Links
“It is perhaps inevitable that readers will be reminded of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar but Grub, as a book about metamorphosis more than holds its own as it has more detail and in a completely different way, is just as beautiful.” Click here to view

What Book Next
GRUB will take you down to the forest floor where a hive of activity is present. My favourite part of this story is the hardcover format’s endpapers. You open the book to find caterpillars, larva and nymphs, and it ends with beetles, cicadas, butterflies and ladybirds.
A wonderful surprise of a book! Click here to view

Blue Wolf Review
Whatever you do, read this book! Read it, then read it to your friends, then read it to any child nearby.

GRUB is a brilliant picture book, and an excellent work in literature. The illustrations and the text meld beautifully to absorb the reader both visually and aurally. Click here to view

Buzz Words
“The illustrations are realistic and beautiful. One can almost ‘smell’ the forest odours. This is an excellent non-fiction picture book ideal for young nature lovers aged 5 years and old.” Click here to read in full

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