Hip High Historians

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History, especially wars and the costs of service, can be a tricky subject to broach with young students.
This pack of books will help Teacher’s begin conversations around the ANZAC legend, The Sydney Opera House, and other iconic moments throughout the 20th century.

Encourage the Hip High Historians in your classroom with this collection.


Pack Contents:

ANZAC Ted (Download Teacher’s Notes)
Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination (Download Teacher’s Notes)
Once I Was Loved (Download Teacher’s Notes)
Australia Illustrated (Download Teacher’s Notes)
FREE Book: The Tale of the ANZAC Tortoise

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Hardcover/Paperback | 245 x 255mm / 9½ x 10 Inches | 32 Pages

Anzac Ted is the powerful, poignant story of a little boy’s teddy bear that was passed down to him from his grandfather. Battered, torn, missing an eye and an ear, he might look scary but he’s got a great story to tell. For Anzac Ted went to war, keeping soldiers company and giving them comfort.

Australia Illustrated 2nd Edition
Hardback | 280 x 245 mm / 11 x 9.5 Inches | Colour | 96 Pages

Australia. Big. Beautiful. Diverse. From the First People to washing lines and crocodiles, football and sunshine, koalas and akubras, skyscrapers and beaches, this is a glorious tribute to this wide brown land and its rich and varied multicultural communities. Vibrantly illustrated with watercolour, ink and mono-printing, it not only celebrates the more ‘typical’ Australian flora, fauna and landmarks, but also showcases the everyday quirks and idiosyncrasies that make Australia unique.

Once I Was Loved
9781925820027| Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages

An old toy rabbit finds himself in a box of toys donated to charity. ‘But it wasn’t always this way,’ Tock reflects, ‘Once I was loved.’

From World War II to rock ’n’ roll, from the moon landing to the Hippie movement, this is a story of the children who’ve loved Tock across the decades.

A celebration of the timeless nature of love, set against the backdrop of iconic moments of the 20th century, this heart-warming picture book is for anyone who has ever cherished a childhood toy, resonating with kids and adults alike.

Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination

SPECIFICATIONS:Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages

The true story of Jørn Utzon, the architect of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House. In this gorgeously illustrated book, we follow Jørn through his life as he discovers his love of building and creating, gathering ideas from everything around himself. Along the way, young readers will be reminded of the importance of taking the time to dream and create, and of the incredible power of the imagination.

The Tale of the ANZAC Tortoise
Paperback | 175 x 256 mm / 7 x 10 Inches | Colour | 36 Pages

Based on the true story of one of the longest-living and quietest World War I survivors, The Tale of the Anzac Tortoise is an epic tale of soldiers, nurses, war, sacrifice and kindness, when two children, Matthew and Marama, find themselves transported back in time to the shores of Gallipoli through an encounter with a tortoise.

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