Imagination and Creativity Collection

Our award-winning picture books cover issues that affect us all, with uplifting stories and beautiful images that give children the confidence to thrive in today’s complex world. 

This pack has been curated exclusively for schools and libraries, and features books that will foster imagination and creativity.

See the list below for the books included in this pack, and click here for free teacher’s notes and resources to accompany them!

The Box Cars | 9781925335835 | HB
Liam and Kai are the best of friends. Each day in the park they race around in their box cars, pretending to be everything from policemen to limo drivers! One day they notice a little girl watching them — she’s keen to join in, but there’s only room for two. A fun-filled story of friendship, sharing and creative problem-solving!

This is NOT a Book! | 9781925820508 | HB
In this action-packed picture book, our main character is convinced they’re not in a book. After all, if this was a book there’d be pages to turn and problems to solve. But hold on, we’ve turned the page … and why are those pirates stealing that treasure? The perfect introduction to storytelling, This is NOT a Book! is metafiction made fun!

The Art Garden | 9781925335590 | HB
Sadie wants to be an artist more than anything. But she can’t paint like her best friend, Tom. Join Sadie and Tom as they explore the garden and discover that there’s more than one way of creating a work of art.

Full of beautiful watercolour illustrations, this is an encouraging story about friendship and finding your creative flair.

What Could It Be? | 9781925335026 | HB
This concept book is all about unleashing creativity! Part picture book, part artistic inspiration, What Could It Be? is an interactive adventure for pre-primary and primary school-aged children that explores how geometric shapes can be used to challenge kids to tap into their artistic potential and create their own shape-inspired illustrations.

The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses | 9781925335996 | HB
When Sam gets new glasses, everyone says he looks like a handsome superhero, but Sam just wants to be himself. Follow his antics as he faces monsters, sails the high seas, and rediscovers his sense of humour and adventure in this inspirational tale about overcoming your fears of other people’s perceptions and never shying away from being yourself.

Up to Something | 9781925335705 | HB
Up to Something is a beautiful exploration of the father–son relationship, the importance of creativity and the satisfaction to be gained from making things ourselves. Billy is only allowed to watch as his dad works in the shed, but when Billy decides to use his dad’s off-cuts and other items to build his own project, Dad is in for a surprise!

Grace and Katie | 9781925335545 | HB
Grace and Katie are twins. Grace loves everything to be organised and neat, while Katie loves everything to be bold and messy. Not surprisingly, when they want to draw a map of their home and street, the girls can’t agree on how it should be done. An imaginative story of individuality, sisterhood, creativity and appreciating each other’s strengths.

The Leaky Story | 9781925335392 | HB
A book sits abandoned on a living room shelf. While the Blossburn family gets on with other things, the book aches to be read. Slowly it starts to swell, then leak! At first it’s only a trickle, but when pirates sail out of the book, the family must band together to reclaim their living room. An action-packed adventure about the magic of books.

Arabella and the Magic Pencil | 9781925820010 | HB
Arabella is a beloved only child until her brother arrives. While she loves him, it’s hard to like him. One day, she decides drastic action is required and she erases him from her life with her magic pencil. Oops! Can she get him back? Arabella and the Magic Pencil will appeal to any child with a new sibling and those with changing family dynamics.

Ollie’s Treasure | 9781925335422 | HB
Ollie’s Treasure is tale of mindfulness for young, developing minds. Ollie’s grandma sends him a treasure map that promises to lead him to ‘something that will make him happy always’. Of course, Ollie thinks this ‘something’ will be a toy of some sort, but he gets both a rude shock and a big surprise when his treasure turns out to be him!

The Incurable Imagination | 9781925335972 | HB – free bonus title!
Audrey has the worst case of ‘imaginitis’ her teachers have ever seen! While other children paint their families, Audrey paints an ogre who drinks tea. What’s worse, her condition is contagious and soon the other kids at school start showing symptoms! But perhaps imagination isn’t such a bad disease after all if it makes learning lots more fun.

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