Isla’s Family Tree

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Isla isn’t happy that her family is changing, so her mother creates a clever family tree with Isla to teach her how families always grow. When her mother hands her two new leaves, Isla doesn’t think they belong. She tries to make them fit somewhere, but not on her branch. However, once she meets her new brothers, she has a change of heart and finds room for them after all. A fun book for any family trying to introduce new family members, or show children how they belong in their family.




Specifications: 9781925820379 | Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | Colour | 32 Pages

Former teacher turns over new leaf as children’s author

BACK in 2011 former Newcastle primary school teacher Katrina McKelvey nervously pitched her idea for a children’s book to a panel of international publishers at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. At the time McKelvey described feeling “absolutely sick” in anticipation of revealing her hard work and creative ideas.

In Their Own Write 
“A beautiful introduction to the concept of family trees and how they grow” Click here to read in full

Blue Wolf Reviews
Isla’s Family Tree is a quirky little story about getting ready for the addition of a new baby in a home where the number one child is the centre of attention.” Click here to read in full

NZ Booklover
“It is a wonderful book for helping little people understand change and accept that there are no rules about what a family looks like in a forest full of family trees.” Click here to read in full

Kids’ Book Review
 “Isla’s Family Tree would be perfect for children expecting a new sibling or siblings and a great lead to discussing how children fit into families and what makes a family and further craft or classroom activities.” Click here to read in full

Daily Telegraph
“Perfect for young families expecting a new sibling.”

Educate Empower
“Katrina McKelvey has written this story in a special way that goes beyond just the usual family tree. Children will see how families can be different yet look the same. They will see how families link together and grow and see that love is what creates family.” Click here to read in full

What’s Up Downunder
“Has great insight into how parents can help an existing child accept new babies and a changed life  ”

“Mum is pregnant with twins and Isla says the familyis too full. She learns a lot about family trees and how theygrow.”

Reading Time
will help many families navigate the worries, anger, and negativity an older sibling might express towards a new younger sibling. The simple, yet effective, use of imagery of families as trees which grow and change over time is easy enough for very young children to grasp. ” Click here to read in full 

Miss Jenny’s Classroom
“Shows not only how a sibling bond can form but also the diversity we have in the current society. great book for the classroom or home library and don’t forget that teaching notes are available for free on the EK Books website.”Click here to read in full

The Strawberry Posy
“A fun book for any family trying to introduce new family members, or show children how they belong in their family.” Click here to read more

Dim Writes Stuff
“an up close look at ancestry giving care givers, educators and parents the opportunity to explore a child’s genealogy in a relatable and creative way. It addresses the age old dilemma of expanding families and the distress associated with new family structures whether they arise from new additions or because of the diversification of an existing family. Same sex couple families and adoption themes slide smoothly into Isla’s story and strengthen the value of this tale..” Click here to read in full