Mitchell Itches

USD $19.99

An Eczema Story

Out now ( Due for release Uk August 2024)

In a world where eczema affects up to one in five kids, Mitchell’s uplifting story resonates. Young readers will learn both how difficult it is for those who live with eczema and, if they have the condition, that there are ways to make life more bearable. Despite bullying and discomfort, Mitchell stays strong with his family and friends by his side. He even finds that playing guitar is a great distraction from the itch. But will all his practicing pay off when he tries out for the school band?

Specifications: 9781922539724 | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Kristin Kelly‘s professional journey spans from nursing in a large Sydney, Australia hospital to preschool teaching and working as an end-of-life biographer. She combined her lifelong experiences with eczema and her diverse professional background to craft “Mitchell Itches.” Kristin believes in nurturing kindness in the classroom and cherishes the privilege of capturing individuals’ life stories. Her unique experiences underscore the value of empathy and continuous learning.

Amelina Jones‘ passion for nature, stories, and paints shines through her illustrations. Working with traditional watercolor and ink, she loves weaving storytelling elements and emotions into her artwork. Her preferred medium, watercolor and ink, offers her the creative freedom she enjoys, creating illustrations that breathe life into stories.

The Bottom Shelf
“And while this is specifically about eczema, there is also an underlying message about discovering something that we love to indulge in and completely distract us from whatever is troubling us. In fact, it is not indulgent, it’s necessary to give the brain a break so it can be refreshed and renewed when reality impacts again. So all sorts of lessons for all of us.”

Little Darlings
“Mitchell Itches’ is an inclusive book that’s perfect for preschools and schools to help educate children about this sometimes debilitating condition and how to treat it. It’s also a great story about a kid who does his best and always approaches life with a positive outlook.”

Story Links
“A useful and uplifting school, library or home resource for 4-8 year old, showing the lived experience of an eczema sufferer, who is resilient, positive and just gets on with life..”

Kids’ Book Review
“This is a success story. One that will speak and offer hope to many sufferers of eczema and allergies, who feel their lives can never be normal. Mitchell Itches is a wonderful example of what you have, doesn’t define who you can become. Amelina Jones’ luxurious and expressive, full-page illustrations, are entertaining and beautifully support Kristen Kelly’s well-researched, clever, and humorous text”.

Buzz Words
“This is a sweet educational book targeted at children who suffer from eczema with fun and engaging illustrations by Amelina Jones. It includes an appendix page of facts about managing eczema as a useful reference for parents.”

Brenton Cullen| Kids Book Reviews
“Author Kristin Kelly pens a terrific, heartwarming story about a subject criminally underacknowledged in children’s books – so many kids live with eczema or skin conditions (I Have personal family history of it myself) and this book is a fantastic resource to help those kids know they are not alone! Children or adults with eczema will take away from the tried-and-tested methods Mitchell uses in the story to control his eczema (there is even an addendum at the end of the story with tips for kids on how to manage the condition). But most importantly, the story focuses on finding your own joy and passion and inspires kids to follow their dreams and take part in activities they love, to never give up or let yourself be limited by anything. Kelly’s text is bright and warmly embracing and she brings a lovable character alive in Mitchell who the readers will root for. Coupled with Amelina Jones’ evocative illustrations, which bring vibrancy and colourful in creating the world of the story, Mitchell Itches is a fantastic story ideal for kids with eczema but also any kids who like a terrific book. This one is ideal for all teachers and parents to bring into the classroom or home to begin discussions. Thank you Kristin Kelly and Amelina Jones for creating a superb, winsome story with a fresh take on a much-needed topic in children’s books today. Highly recommended.”

“With one in five children living with eczema, Mitchell Itches will be a valuable resource for those looking to better understand and manage this common condition. .”

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