Nova’s Missing Masterpiece

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When Nova realizes the artwork she created for Dad’s birthday present is missing, her tummy flip flops and her heart ker-thumps. She and her dog, Harley, turn the house upside down, searching absolutely everywhere, but the missing masterpiece is nowhere to be found. Nova loses her temper but Harley remains calm and content. Can Nova learn from her dog, calm herself down and find her Dad’s present in time for his birthday party?

Specifications: 9781922539373  | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Brooke Graham is a children’s author, primary school teacher and mother who enjoys writing picture book stories and YA fiction. She is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental illness In her spare time, Brooke loves to go on adventures with her daughter, ride her horses and catch up with friends.

Robin Tatlow-Lord is a writer, animator and cartoonist. Having been drawing since she was in nappies, she loves bringing character and emotion to all her pictures and favors kids’ books, comics and graphic novels. When she’s not scribbling away, you will find her riding her bike, indulging her cat’s relentless need for neck scratches, or playing roller derby!

“a good reminder of self-regulating techniques for kids to use in times of stress”

Bottom Shelf
“As we get older we are more able to self-calm (we) think more clearly. But for children of Nova’s age that is a skill yet to be learnt so this is a great story to help start teaching it. But even without extracting this theme from the story, this is just a good read that will resonate with many.”

Picture Book Book Club

“ This one shines bright. Highly recommend! I love the way @ekbooksforkids publish these important stories about subjects that matter. Can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Blue Wolf Reviews
“The bold colours used on the front cover of Nova’s Missing Masterpiece suggest an exciting and vigorous story to be told.”

Little Darlings
“Sometimes life, your house, and your head get messy but with the calming strategies in this book, everything will turn out in the end. Take-home lessons woven into this lovely narrative include self-regulation and resilience.”

Children’s Books Ireland | primary children’s literacy association in Ireland
“a great way of showing young children alternative ways to help self-regulate their emotions and help them with overwhelming thoughts or feelings.”

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