Once I Was Loved

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An old toy rabbit finds himself in a box of toys donated to charity. ‘But it wasn’t always this way,’ Tock reflects, ‘Once I was loved.’

From World War II to rock ’n’ roll, from the moon landing to the Hippie movement, this is a story of the children who’ve loved Tock across the decades.

A celebration of the timeless nature of love, set against the backdrop of iconic moments of the 20th century, this heart-warming picture book is for anyone who has ever cherished a childhood toy, resonating with kids and adults alike.



SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820027| Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages

Read For Fun 
“There are not too many picture books that make me cry, but this is one of them.” Click here to read in full

Kids’ Books We Love
  “a beautiful time and life flowing story through the years with a loving beginning and a true love ending. Evocative story book “. Click here to read   Click here to read  

Phil Robinson – jeanniejeanniejeannie.co.uk reviews
“I love this book, really, really love it. For me it has and does everything an excellent book should do. It made me laugh, it made me cry, I filled with emotion, as it made me happy, it made me sad. The book is a work of art too with the pictures making you feel warm and cosy…The pastel pictures are beautifully soft and gentle enhancing the words, even emphasizing them whilst adding lots of humour too. As far as pictures go the front cover is wonderful, summing up the whole book and story. This book primarily entertains but it triggers all emotions and educates. What more can you want or expect of a good book. Once I was Loved will always be loved as a book in anyone’s collection of books.” Click here to read more

The Corner on Character Blog reviews –
“It’s a tale that I predict will tug at your heartstrings  and one that I enthusiastically recommend you add to your shelves for read aloud or tuck-in time.” Click here to read more

Reading With A Chance of Tacos Podcast

Belinda Landsberry talks picture books for all ages

Belinda Landsberry Guest Post

Belinda Landsberry on her picture book Once, I Was Loved

Kids Book Review 
“The analogy between human life and Tock’s life has a very strong presence here. Reflections on how people begin young and grow old, with their value and usefulness, like the toy, often determined by their age, lie like shadows within the text. Their experiences are landmarks in their lives, which at times are set aside and forgotten with the passing of time”   Click here to view.

What’s Up Downunder
“Belinda Landsberry has crafted a book that deals with love, change and shows you how you can love again”

The Pregnancy Centre
“A celebration of the timeless nature of love, set against the backdrop of iconic moments of the 20th century, this heart-warming picture book is for anyone who has ever cherished a childhood toy, resonating with kids and adults alike” Click here to read more

Reading With a Chance of Tacos – reviewed
“a timeless tale …  The story is touching and the artwork is beautiful. Tock’s memories are so full of heart that it made me smile, fight back a tear and remember my own childlike sense of wonder” Click here to read in full

ABC Wide Bay – Book Club with Rick Whittle (syndicated throughout regional QLD)
“I really enjoyed this book. It will be a fabulous Christmas present”.

NZ Booklovers
“A great book for an adult to share with a young child, perhaps accompanied by memories of their own favourite childhood toy, or for early readers to have a go at themselves.” Click here for more

Read For Fun
“a gorgeous gift for a baby shower or a new baby. Click here to read in full

School Days Magazine
“A beautifully illustrated, nostalgic story … it would make a good present.”

Daily Telegraph
“Gently illustrated, this book is both heart-rending and heart-warming”

“Here’s a book that reminded us both of several things, but manages to stand on its own two feet as an original and entertaining story for younger children.”Click here to read more

Miss Jenny’s Classroom
“from a teacher perspective, this book has a lot going for it.” Click here to read in full

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Charming and crammed full of love.” Click here to read in full

School Days Magazine
“A beautifully illustrated and nostalgic story.” Click here to read in full

Buzz Words
“The tale reminds us that people will come in and out of our life for a myriad of reasons, and letting go can sometimes be hard. However, if we are always loved and are given opportunities to experience life’s joys, then we have lived a great life. Once, I was Loved is a beautiful story suitable for children aged 4+.” Click here to view

Reading Time
“I really enjoyed this nostalgic story … those who are exposed to this picture book will learn about some of the events of the twentieth century in a very subtle way and may understand the background of older people in their lives.” Click here to view

“Love is a journey, this one through all the great events of the 20th century. A beloved toy relives his experiences. A heartwarming story with gentle illustrations”.

Randomly Reading
“The beautiful, soft illustrations done in a pastel palette that harmonizes perfectly with the text in both image and emotion, and both will tug at your heartstrings…Once, I Was Loved is a book for anyone who loves a particular toy or anyone who has ever loved one. It is sweet and sentimental, and may bring a tear to the adult reader’s eye, as it did mine, but young readers will certainly enjoy hearing it.” Click here to read more

The Book Bag
“It’s a lovely story, beautifully illustrated in pastel shades by the author and it’s one which will appeal to both boys and girls. The soft toy is one which both sexes love and the children who have the benefit of Tock’s love are evenly mixed. I could perhaps have wished that not all the children had been white, but that’s me being very picky. The illustrations capture changing fashions and I loved the way that Tock ‘aged’ from being the pristine toy which was given to Sam to the well-loved elder statesman of rabbits who returns to her all those years later.” Click here to read more