One Book Was All it Took

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Violet longs for a library full of exciting books she’s never read before, but on this particular rainy day, the only unfamiliar book she can find is the one propping up the kitchen table. With a CLATTER and a CRASH, Violet’s actions set in motion an unstoppable chain of events that soon has the whole town in chaos! Young readers will delight at the playful, colourful illustrations, while learning an important lesson about how actions lead to consequences, and just how valuable libraries are.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781922539137 | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books


Wenda Shurety is a children’s author who loves to write stories from the heart about nature, diversity and the magical world of the imagination. Born in London and raised in Norfolk, she came out to Australia in 1996 to work as a scientist at the University of Queensland on a three-year contract, met her husband and now calls Australia home. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and daughter.

One Book Was All it Took is Wenda’s seventh picture book.

Amy Calautti loved to draw from a young age and often made up games based around drawing to entertain her younger brother and cousins. She now lives with her small tribe of humans who inspire her every day.

Amy’s other books include Turning Cartwheels (also published by EK Books), Hector and his Highland Dancers, and Mr Ming & the Mooncake Dragon.

Read Plus
“This neatly resolved story will cause much laughter from the reader, most of whom will know the value of their own community or school library”.  Click here to read

NZ Booklovers

“It’s a light-hearted story that celebrates literacy and the value of libraries. We all know a love of reading opens the door to adventure and learning. Spending time with books can also create special moments for adults to bond with younger readers. One Book Was All It Took helps foster that.”

Bianca, age 9 (Bianca’s Book Club)
“I love that Violet stood up for what she wanted. She actually took action for the library. Sometimes we wish for something, but we never take action. So, it was really good to see Violet writing a letter for what she wanted.

The illustrations are so bright and colourful. I really love the rainbow magic that comes from the book. It goes through the whole story to the mayor’s hands. It’s so true, because books are magical!.”

CBCA’s Reading Time
“With pages filled with colourful illustrations, young children will delight in this story (which) highlight(s) the importance of early literacy, while also exploring the consequences of our actions.” Click here to read

Blue Wolf Reviews
“There is movement, colour and drama in this picture book, One Book Was All It Took. Each page is designed to grab the reader and propel them into the story. What could be more disastrous for a young book worm on a rainy day, than to be out of new books?.”

Literacy, Families and Learning
“A delightful picture book that children aged 3-6 will love. Amy Calautti’s carton-like line and water colour illustrations are a wonderful complement to Wenda Shurety’s brilliantly simple story, that is exciting and engaging … a wonderful book that children will want to hear and see many times” . Click here to read 

Karen Tyrrell
A magical picture book for kids four and up who believe in the power of reading, books and libraries. This inspiring book will lead to countless discussions on actions and consequences i.e. cause and effect.

Byron Bibliography
“Wenda writes the sort of timeless stories you expect should already be in the world ~ sort of gently profound.”

Buzz Words Magazine
“One girl’s actions lead to chaotic consequences in One Book Was All it Took, a book about the importance of libraries.”

Picture Book Parents
“This aspect of the story makes One Book Was All It Took a fun first book about actions and consequences with no didactic overtone. Violet’s interest in books and desire for a library also supports parents and teachers wanting to instil a love of literature in their young kids.”

Review by What book next?
“This bright, fun picture book is perfect for all young book lovers or any who have sent a wish out into the world. One Book Was All It Took to change an entire community, through a parade of flow on events via a missed bus, a vet visit and a hole in a roof.”

This story would be a great way to spark imaginations about consequences – as in…’What if….?’

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