Rachel Carson

Scientists Who Changed the World

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Rachel Carson was a pioneer in combining the disciplines of the arts and science, specifically writing and biology. She is famous for alerting the world to the danger of pesticides and other manmade farming chemicals through her work, including her book Silent Spring.

From writing about the ocean like a poet, to exposing the danger of pesticides to the world, Carson led an extraordinary life. Find out more about the world we live in by reading her fascinating story!



The ‘Scientists Who Changed the World’ series looks at some of the world’s greatest scientists and how their work and discoveries changed society. It takes the social and theological forces that affected scientists in each individual era and examines how their discoveries in turn helped shaped the world around them, both at the time and in the future.


Specifications: 9781925820690 | Hardback |235 x 184 | 64 Pages | Colour | EK Books

Double Helix (CSIRO) Magazine. Featured a review by child reader Artin Mir Motalebi
“The book is a fantastic way for young readers to move from reading regular novels to more scientific and non-fiction books. I would recommend this book for any young reader who is interested in history and science”.

Science Teacher’s Associate of Victoria
  “introduces students to the life, science and times of Rachel Carson … an American environmentalist and scientist who encouraged society to question government and industry in their dealings with the environment.”

Blue Wolf reviewed
“the perfect design for any young child who is curious, interested in fact-finding and offers children a carefully researched, well-presented pathway, to learn about scientists who have had such an impact on our lives.” Click here to read

Buzz Words
“Rachel Carson is a book that will fascinate any child 10-13 years with an interest in the natural world. This book is part of a series about scientists who really did shape and change our world in momentous ways.” Click here to read in full

The Daily Telegraph

SchoolDays Magazine
 “Rachel Carson’s story is a fascinating read. Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring  in which she revealed the dangers of many chemicals such as DDT and other pesticides.” Click here to read in full

Educate. Empower
“Giving students the chance to read into the lives of eminent scientists is important as not only do we learn about them, we also have the opportunity to see that we can be like this too.” Click here to read in full

The Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
”this new series about the scientists on whose shoulders today’s generation stands is timely, Apart from anything else, it demonstrates there are almost as many fields of science as there are people investigating and so if immunology and epidemiology don’t appeal, then there are endless other facets that might. The first three in the series introduce us to a physicist, a marine biologist and an anthropologist, all of whom changed the world’s thinking with their discoveries .”Click here to read in full

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