Reena’s Rainbow

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Reena is deaf and Dog is homeless, but they are also so much more than that. At first Reena and Dog feel like they don’t belong, but when they form a unique bond with each other, and become friends with the hearing children in the park, they discover that everyone is different and special in their own way.

Reena’s Rainbow is about friendship, diversity and acceptance. It sends the message that true friends will always accept your differences and love you just the way you are.




SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9 ½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

SchoolDays Magazine
“Charmingly illustrated, it is an ideal read for children who are different for whatever reason and who long to be part of the popular crowd.” – 
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Reading Time
“… This simple, touching story uses the rainbow as a symbol for belonging. All the separate colours come together to make one beautiful rainbow. Everyone, no matter how different, has their place in our world. The delightful illustrations perfectly match the story and convey Reena’s emotions. I particularly like the clever way Tracie Grimwood uses symbols to depict what it might be like to be hearing impaired – what a difficult thing to draw! As well as bringing a strong message of acceptance, the story also celebrates individual strengths.”.

Sunday Telegraph
“Bright rainbow-coloured illustrations and bold stripped endpapers emphasis the joy Reena finds in the world and her even greater joy when she finds the perfect place for herself and Dog” –  Click here to view.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Dee White along with the colourful and descriptive illustrations from Tracie Grimwood offer a comfortable basis from which to discuss with your children, or a class group, that everyone is special, regardless of their disabilities, underwriting this with the message that true friends, no matter who they are, will always accept and love you for who you are, and not what you are.” –  Click here to view.

In The Good Books
“a fantastic book with the important message of acceptance and diversity …” –  Click here to view.

At The Table Magazine
“Delightfully illustrated in vibrant colours, Reena’s Rainbow introduces young children to the world of hearing disabilities through its protagonist. It teaches children to understand and embrace our differences, and celebrates individual strengths.” – Click here to view.

Kirkus Reviews
“Reena’s emotions are gently portrayed, and the illustrations softly match the tone of the storyline, doing a particularly good job at developing the relationship between Dog and Reena.”

Kid’s Book Review
“A delightful story; cleverly presented with important themes of friendship, diversity and acceptance. It’s built with great text, gorgeous illustrations, and valuable messages of inclusion and tolerance.” 

The Book Chook
“Through simple text, this charming story sends a powerful reminder of how many of us who are in search of happiness do not realise that happiness starts from within”

NC Teacher Stuff
“… a terrific book … a sweet story that illustrates the need for acceptance and working together.”

Coast Magazine
“a little girl and a dog can teach us a thing or two about friendship, diversity and acceptance. This book might be aimed at children, but there’s a message here for every age.”

Buzz Words
Reena’s Rainbow, with its clear and simple message, reminds us that people’s differences can certainly be something to celebrate.”

Toddler Book Reviews
@ekbooksforkids have been producing wonderful books for the early childhood sector that look at dealing with differences. (This) book shows children that everyone has something wonderful to offer!  Beautiful, happy and colorful illustrations make this book shine! A lovely story about friendship, inclusion and acceptance” – click here to read in full

Jnr Book Worms Book Review
Reena’s Rainbow is about friendship, diversity and acceptance. It sends the message that true friends will always accept your differences and love you just the way you are. 
Kindergarten to year 3 gave the book 5 stars”