Relating to Others Collection

Our award-winning picture books cover issues that affect us all, with uplifting stories and beautiful images that give children the confidence to thrive in today’s complex world. 

This pack has been curated exclusively for schools and libraries, and features books that will help younger readers learn how to empathise and relate to others.

See the list below for the books included in this pack, and click here for free teacher’s notes and resources to accompany them!

Visiting You | 9781925335668 | HB
A young child and their mother set out to visit a loved one. Along the way, the child curiously interacts with other commuters and discovers that we all are bound by the common experience of love, that appearances can be deceiving, and that it’s our similarities, not our differences, that matter most.

Turning Cartwheels | 9781925820515 | HB
Emma is desperate to join queen bee Carly’s Cartwheel Club. When she is finally accepted, she finds that Carly’s rules take all the joy out of cartwheeling, and being part of the gang isn’t as awesome as she expected. A clever exploration of the social bullying conducted by ‘frenemies’ that is so often experienced by primary school-aged girls.

Ella and Mrs Gooseberry | 9781925335255 | HB
Grumpy old Mrs Gooseberry from next door has lost her love. Ella begins her quest to find out what love looks like to help Mrs Gooseberry rediscover it. Is it like home-cooked pie? Is it like lanterns in the night? Perhaps love might look like a little kitten. ‘Ella and Mrs Gooseberry’ is about a child’s understanding of love and selfless giving.

The Battle | 9781925820904 | PB
Edward is anxious about starting knight school, which is full of ogres and dragons! He puts on his armour and prepares for battle. But what if the ogres and dragons are more like him than he thinks?

Brimming with magic and fun, The Battle is a story about perception, friendship, and letting down your guard.

Saying Goodbye to Barkley | 9781925335965 | HB
Olivia and her dog Barkley are inseparable. He’s her sidekick, her partner in crime-fighting — they’re the perfect pair. But then, Barkley dies and Olivia is heartbroken. Gradually, however, she realizes that Barkley wouldn’t want her to be unhappy for the rest of her life. So she comes up with a clever plan to get her happiness back.

The Voyage | 9781925820034 | HB
Displaced by war and conflict, a refugee family sets out on a dangerous voyage into the unknown. The sparse text (one word per page) and evocative illustrations combine powerfully to encourage young readers to create their own background story and thus identify more deeply with the plight of refugees and those less fortunate.

Invisible Jerry | 9781925335781 | HB
People don’t notice Jerry. If someone bumps into him, they don’t say sorry. If he makes a joke, no one laughs. He never gets picked last for teams — but that’s because he never gets picked at all. It’s like he’s invisible. Until Molly arrives. This is a picture book with heart for everyone who has ever felt like they’re on the outside looking in.

Isla’s Family Tree |9781925820379 | HB
Isla’s family is changing and she’s not happy! She doesn’t want siblings. Her mother explains how families grow by making a family tree with her, but Isla’s branch is already full! Isla tries to make the new leaves fit somewhere, just not on her branch. But once she meets her new brothers, she falls in love and makes room for them after all.

Box Cars | 9781925335835 | HB
Liam and Kai are the best of friends. Each day in the park they race around in their box cars, pretending to be everything from policemen to limo drivers! One day they notice a little girl watching them — she’s keen to join in, but there’s only room for two. A fun-filled story of friendship, sharing and creative problem-solving!

Grandpa’s Noises | 9781925335989 | HB
In Grandpa’s Noises, a range of sounds and words coming from body and mouth are explained in a warm and funny intergenerational romp. For example, ‘Eyenolessgofurawark’ is obviously Grandpa-speak for ‘I know, let’s go for a walk’. But some sounds — like the ‘Fffffffft’ that sometimes escapes Grandpa’s bottom — need no explanation!

Arabella and The Magic Pencil | 9781925820010 | HB – free bonus title!
Arabella is a beloved only child until her brother arrives. While she loves him, it’s hard to like him. One day, she decides drastic action is required and she erases him from her life with her magic pencil. Oops! Can she get him back? Arabella and the Magic Pencil will appeal to any child with a new sibling and those with changing family dynamics.

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