Relating to Others Collection

EK Books’ award-winning picture books cover issues that affect us all, with uplifting stories and beautiful images that give children the confidence to thrive in today’s complex world.

For the first time we are exclusively offering schools and libraries curated book packs, containing bonus titles for better value, and supported by free comprehensive teacher notes and activities, linked to the Australian curriculum.

This pack will help young readers with relating to others.



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Pack contents:

Visiting You by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg & Andrea Edmonds

9781925335668 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

A heart-warming celebration of the power of love, and how it’s our similarities, not our differences, that matter most.


Turning Cartwheels by Amy Adeney & Amy Calautti

9781925820515 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

Emma is desperate to join queen bee Carly’s Cartwheel Club. But will being in the club be as much fun as Emma hopes?


Ella and Mrs Gooseberry by Vikki Conley & Penelope Pratley

9781925335255 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

Grumpy old Mrs Gooseberry has lost her love. Ella wants to help her find it. A heart-warming book about love and giving.


The Battle by Ashling Kwok & Cara King

9781925820904 | Paperback | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

An imaginative, relatable story, teaching children that maybe things aren’t as bad as they might first seem.


Saying Goodbye to Barkley by Devon Sillett & Nicky Johnston

9781925335965 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

Olivia and her dog are inseparable. But then he dies, leaving her heartbroken. Will she get her happiness back?


The Voyage by Robert Vescio & Andrea Edmonds

9781925820034 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

The powerful story of a family fleeing their war-torn country to make a dangerous trip across the ocean to a new life.


Invisible Jerry by Adam Wallace & Giuseppe Poli

9781925335781 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

A picture book with humour and heart for everyone who has ever felt like they’re on the outside looking in.


Isla’s Family Tree by Katrina Mckelvey & Prue Pittock

9781925820379 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

Isla isn’t happy her family is expanding, but her mother and a clever family tree teach her to accept the changes.


The Box Cars by Robert Vescio & Cara King

9781925335835 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

A fun-filled story of friendship, sharing and creative problem-solving that will appeal to boys and girls everywhere!


Grandpa’s Noises by Gareth St John Thomas & Colin Rowe

9781925335989 | Hardcover | 215 x 288 mm | 32 pp

A humorous insight into grandparents and the weird and wonderful noises they make from the knees up.


Arabella and the Magic Pencil by Stephanie Ward & Shaney Hyde

9781925820010 | Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | 32 pp

Arabella erases her annoying baby brother with her magic pencil. Oops! Can she get him back — and does she want to?

Our books are crafted by authors and illustrators whose backgrounds include teaching and psychology. These creators have a knack for unpacking complex issues, making them engaging and memorable for even our youngest readers.

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