Sir Isaac Newton

Scientists Who Changed the World

The work of Sir Isaac Newton created the foundations for modern science and furthered our understanding of the universe. He discovered gravity, he invented calculus, and he defined the three Laws of Motion that form the basis of modern physics. He also very nearly became a sheep farmer.

Find out how Newton went from village boy to one of the greatest thinkers since Galileo with this captivating biography. Learn how he has changed life, society, and our understanding of the world around us!



The ‘Scientists Who Changed the World’ series looks at some of the world’s greatest scientists and how their work and discoveries changed society. It takes the social and theological forces that affected scientists in each individual era and examines how their discoveries in turn helped shaped the world around them, both at the time and in the future.


Specifications: 9781925820713 | Hardback |235 x 184 | 64 Pages | Colour | EK Books

Science Teacher’s Associate of Victoria
“The book is not only engaging with its many illustrations and photographs but provides scientific ideas in a manner that is easy to understand.”

Educate Empower
Children will learn a lot from this book as it is well set out with information not only on Sir Isaac Newton but also other scientists who he was influenced by and scientists who were then influenced by him.” Click here to view

Buzz Words
“Anita Croy has successfully captured the essence of Sir Isaac Newtown and all that he contributed with his incredible mind. A child can be inspired to pursue a scientific field they are interested in and know that it is not enough to have the ability: it also requires lots of hard work, persistence and patience.” Click here to read in full

SchoolDays Magazine 
“Do you know that Newton invented a reflecting telescope and that white light is made of all the different colours put together? Find out how he came up with his discoveries. There is so much to discover about this great scientist in this quirkily designed book for 10-13 year olds, an ideal book for children’s home library and school libraries.” Click here to read in full

The Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
”this new series about the scientists on whose shoulders today’s generation stands is timely, Apart from anything else, it demonstrates there are almost as many fields of science as there are people investigating and so if immunology and epidemiology don’t appeal, then there are endless other facets that might. The first three in the series introduce us to a physicist, a marine biologist and an anthropologist, all of whom changed the world’s thinking with their discoveries .”Click here to read in full

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