Smile Cry

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Happy or sad, wailing or glad –how do you feel today?

A fun, flip-over picture book for children that reads from both front and back. Smile Cry is an innovative picture book for young kids, showcasing the full emotional range of their formative years. Readers’ follow three adorable characters — piglet, bunny and cat — as they react emotionally to a variety of events and circumstances from everyday life.

The clever ‘flip book’ format means that the ‘Smile’ story reads from front to back, while the ‘Cry’ story reads from back to front, with both delicious narratives meeting in the middle. A heartfelt picture book that will be treasured for years, Smile Cry is perfect for ages 3 and upwards.




Winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite Book of the Year Award 2017 (Australia and New Zealand),  Selected for the 2017 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notables List! Congratulations Tania and Jess!


SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover/Paperback | 215 x 288 mm / 8½ x 11¼ Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

Queensland Times, June 2017
“Children will empathize with the tear-jerking calamity of a popped balloon or lost toy, or feel the smiley warmth of a being tickled.” – Click here to read.

The Official SCWBI Blog, June 2017
An interview with the award Winning authors – Click here to view.

Girl and Duck, May 2017
Tania has been interviewed by Jen Storer. Tania and Jen talk about Smile Cry at 32.55, click here to listen in.

Canberra Times, December 2016
Great to see this photo of Smile Cry in the Canberra Times! – Click here to read the article.

Photo Credit: Jay Cronan

Smile Cry wins

The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators
Crystal Kite Award

Congratulations Tania and Jess!!

Selected for the 2017 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notables List!

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Scan Magazine (Department of Education and Training)
“supports children developing the skills to comprehend, short, predictable texts on familiar topics…can be a stimulus in the teaching of writing, encouraging students to compose or retell their own similar stories”

Armadillo Reviews
“This picture book is sure to make you smile with its gorgeous illustrations and playful text. We’d highly recommend it.”

Educating Young People
“…a wonderful book about feelings…ideal for use with kindergarten aged children”

Reading Time Online
“This sweet-as-pie book quickly became a favourite in our household. It’s fabulous for little tots learning to understand and cope with the various shades of happy and sad (such as an “ate all the pies smile” or a “tutu in the wash cry”) they can experience. Presented in flip-the-book format, the story explores these nuances of emotions through the lovable characters piglet, bunny and cat.”

Creative Kids Tales
“Once in a while you come across a book that pulls all the heartstrings, and this is one … Congratulations to Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft on their contribution to the wonderful body of Australian Children’s Literature that we are blessed to have in this country.”

School Days
“typifies both the small joys and challenges that are the essence of childhood”

Child Magazines
“The soft illustrations will soothe children into a reflective state about feelings.”

Growing Up Madison
“Parents and kids can engage in this delightful book … I couldn’t begin to praise Smile/Cry enough and it’s why it gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!”

NC Teachers Stuff
“I imagine kindergarteners and first graders will be very engaged. With sweet illustrations and insightful observations, Smile/Cry will spark a slew of connections with young readers.”

Kids’ Book Review
Smile/Cry subtly explores nuances of emotions in a clever way that is meaningful for young children. It is a deceptively simple and beautifully told story.”

Boomerang Books
“Unforgettable. A divinely heartfelt book, chock-full of sweet and savoury sentimental moments. It is a valuable resource for building foundations for sound emotional development. Readers from age three will simply gobble it up at every turn, over and over again.”

The Little Reading Room
“A fantastic introduction to situations and feelings that children will undoubtedly face in their lives, through a child-friendly and fun medium.”