Tabitha and the Raincloud

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When Tabitha wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, she finds a big raincloud next to her. She tells it to go away, but it won’t budge. At school, she tries to draw a giraffe, but the raincloud distracts her and her art teacher compliments her on her dinosaur! By lunchtime Tabitha is so stormy none of her friends want to sit next to her. Tabitha realises she needs to change her attitude.

An empowering story of resilience and the importance of optimism.



SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820133 | Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages | Colour

In Their Own Write speaks with Melissa Johns about Tabitha and Raincloud.
“I create my pieces using Recycled T E A B A G S and other recyclables. I chose these mediums as I wanted to work with sustainable materials that would lend my work a certain whimsical feel”.

Off the Page: Melissa Johns

Melissa Johns is an artist and illustrator from Northeast Victoria who creates using recycled papers on canvas and paper. Her passion is children’s artwork and education particularly in regards to environmental awareness. Melissa’s works range from naïve and whimsical to contemporary, all with a vintage feel due to the recycled teabags used in every…

5 Books to Help Children Manage Anxiety

By | It might be an understatement to say that it is a confusing and anxiety-inducing time to be alive at the moment. School closures, quarantining, conflicting advice and, for a lot of us, worrying about our loved-ones is bound to interfere with our mental health.

New Zealand Association of Counsellors Magazine 

This story helps children see that by changing their focus to look for the positives and find the fun in
situations, they can change their mood and thus how others feel being around them. The story
facilitates counsellors, parents or teachers to help children work out what they can do to prevent
being taken over by a bad mood. Suitable for 4 – 9-year-olds.

Brisbane Courier Mail reviewed
“I love Tabitha and the Raincloud (EK Books), a softly illustrated children’s story reminding us that while you can’t always make a raincloud go away, you can dance in the rain..”

Educating Young Children – reviewed
“If, like me you are always looking for picture books that help to teach emotional literacy, self-awareness and empathy, then “Tabitha and the Raincloud” will be a useful and enduring addition to your teaching resources.”

Hip Little One
“Author Devon Sillett has teamed up with up-cycle artist Melissa Johns to deliver a delightful picture book that kids will love to read and look at. It promotes the important message of optimism and resilience through the sweetest recycled paper illustrations, it even inspired my girls to have a go at their own mix and match paper art too.” Click here to read in full.

West Australian – Play
“Anyone who has ever tried to put a small child to bed will relate to this sweet picture book which flips the usual parent-kids dynamic.”

My Kid’s Time
“Tabitha and the Raincloud is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It tackles the theme of making the best from a not so great situation, perfect for now” Click here to read in full

Andrew Reynolds from 2NM speaks with Devon Sillett about Tabitha and RainCloud.
“I love this story because we have all woken up on the wrong side of the bed. But it’s important to remain optimistic”. Click here to listen

Libra Books
“In these easy read large pages, the authors have taken a sensitive subject and presented it in a fun and engaging way.”

Blue Wolf reviews
“Presented in clear, manageable language, one of life’s very necessary lessons is carefully explained with a light smattering of humour, helping little ones, and sometimes not so little ones, understand that everyone has bad days, and it is all about getting through them to find the sunshine on the other side. A lovely hard cover will ensure this is a treasured addition to little people bookshelves.” Click here to read in full

Adelaide Advertiser
“Tabitha wakes up bedevilled by a rain cloud that hangs over her, making everything go wrong, at breakfast and at school. Eventually she decides to tackle her nemesis, arming herself with umbrella and boots, and turning damp misery into such wet fun that everyone wants to join in”

“This appealing story is about coping in spite of a raincloud hanging overhead. Engaging illustrations that will appeal to young readers.”

What’s Up Downunder 
“an excellent book ”

Daily Telegraph  reviewed
“An uplifting story about resilience and changing perspective”

Reading Time reviewed
“The message of resilience and knowing that bad days will pass, may need some explanation for the very young.  The illustrations are full of action and detail, and the raindrop-covered endpapers are a delight. ”Click here to read in full

Picture Books – Not Just for Kids.. 
“I have kids with chronic illness. It’s a pretty crappy life being too unwell to do the things that your peers are doing …  they don’t have a choice about seeing doctors, taking medication, etc, but they do have control over how they react to their situation. Tabitha and the Raincloud would have been the perfect book” Click here to read in full

Buzz Words reviewed
Tabitha and the Raincloud is an enjoyable story about emotions, self-regulation and resilience and is suitable for children aged 4+ years. This picture book would be an asset to the primary classroom, offering teaching opportunities for social and emotional learning as well as language and literacy (idioms, metaphors and inferencing).” Click here to read in full

What Book Next? Reviewed
“Have you ever ‘Got out of the wrong side of the bed?’ It seems as soon as you wake, a black mood descends? Tabitha wakes to a black cloud / dark mood hanging over her, all through breakfast and her morning at school – until she sees a positive side.  This story is a great way to introduce a discussion on dark feelings and how sometimes they seem to come from nowhere, even waking up with them!Optimism, Resilience, and Positivity are valuable skills to learn, no matter how old you are.” Click here to read

Miss Jenny’s Classroom  reviewed
“I think young children especially, those still in that 5-8-year-old range that are trying to moderate their emotions, would really benefit from this book. It’s a great example of how you can take something bad and turn it around – nothing is unsolvable, but first, you need to try. ” Click here to read

Story Room – Book Review by Maggie T
“My brother, Gordon, and I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend this book for children aged 5 to 6.” click here to read in full

Becky J. Harvey
“Using real-life, relatable situations, children can begin to understand low moods and how they may already hold the key to making their situation better.” Click here to read more

Story Mummy
“So this book by Devon Sillet, Tabitha and the Raincloud, is a timely read for parent-child reading time. I am starting to like books on Social/Emotional regulation a lot lately. This is one to add to your collection, if you want to teach your children positive and people-oriented social behaviours.” Click here to read in full

The Corner on Character
“Why I like this book: It does a really good job of painting a poignant picture of how it feels to have a stormy day and how a soggy, gloomy day affects not only you, but others.” Click here to read in full

Rachel Funez Writes
“This is a sweet metaphorical story about a choice we all make daily: to let crummy circumstances spoil our mood or to make the best of it and stay positive.” Click here to read in full

Linda’s Book Bag
“Tabitha and the Raincloud would make a super addition to any child’s reading. It really does show that every cloud has a silver lining!” Click here to read in full

It’s All About Stories reviewed
“A lovely story with beautiful illustrations, about choices, emotional regulation, perseverance and optimism, from EK books.” Click here to read more