The Great Sock Secret

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Sarah’s mother is tired of finding odd socks in the laundry basket. Where do all the missing socks go? Sarah’s mother is pretty sure the puppy is responsible but Sarah knows better. And her mother simply mustn’t find out the truth! The Great Sock Secret is a wonderfully fun adventure into an imaginative world that’s home to some very cool fairies. You’ll never look at your socks in the same way again!

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm /9½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

Meet the Illustrator – Kids’ Book Review
Kids’ Book Review continue their insightful blog series, this time with Sugar and Spice’s very own Gwynneth Jones! You can learn all about Gwynneth’s creative process, favourite mediums, inspirations and much more here.

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Author Anouska Jones reading Patch and Ruby  Pastel Treats and Sweets!

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 Early Childhood Teacher’s Association
“This whimsical story…will be enjoyed by a young audience of three to five-year-olds.”

Midwest Book Reviews
The Great Sock Secret is a delightful fantasy story with solid roots in an enlightened universe, particularly enjoyable for children. Very highly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for ages 8 to 12.

Sunday Telegraph 
“A story that will tickle young imaginations.”

Peninsula Kids
Reviewed for their Christmas special ‘things we love’ – Click here to read.

Parents in Touch
The Great Sock Secret is wonderfully fun adventure into an imaginative world that’s home to some very cool fairies.”

Red Riding Hub
“This foray into the fanciful is most likely to appeal to imaginative listeners around the age of the young protagonist.”

Reading Time
“Here’s the thing about this book: it’s joyous. This very simple, funny story is brought to life with the accompanying illustrations. Rich in colour, the pages are filled with fairies going about their daily business with their pilfered socks, while Sarah distracts her mother. The pages hold different, funny sock activities that will prove a hit with kids. Sarah herself is a child of colour, something I, personally, can appreciate – illustrations that embrace diversity”

The Haven Magazine
The Great Sock Secret is a wonderfully fun adventure into an imaginative world that’s home to some very cool fairies. You’ll never look at your socks the same way again! ” Read the review in full here.

Kids’ Book Review
The Great Sock Secret works on several simultaneous levels. While offering a fun-filled bed-time tale that is sure to fill little minds with happy dreams, there is also an element of seek and find to every page. How many uses for socks can you find? Which sock use do you think is the most ingenious? Where else could a missing sock go? Which fairy do you like best? Gwyneth Jones’s adorable illustrations includes a Rastafarian, complete with dreadlocks and colourful beanie – my personal favourite.”

Parents in Touch
“wonderfully fun adventure into an imaginative world that’s home to some very cool fairies”

Kirkus Reviews
“Jones’ artwork has a soft line, matter-of-factly combining the mundane with the fantastic. These fairies look like good fun, ready for some mischief, like taking command of all those missing socks … Like Sarah, readers will breathe a sigh of relief when her mother abandons her search for the socks—and maybe they’ll start peeking around for fairies in their own homes. (Picture book. 4-8)”

School Days
The Great Sock Secret is a fun adventure into an imaginative world with cool fairies”

The Mummy Project
“kids will love learning what really happens to these missing socks. The culprits are adorable little fairies beautifully drawn by Gwynneth Jones… The odd socks are used as a sleeping bag, shower curtain, toboggan and even a parachute. It’s wonderful to see the beautiful drawings bring this story to life. After reading this book, kids will be searching around their house looking for fairies.”

Boomerang Books Blog
“I love how the fairies rule supreme in this toe-levelled view about one of the first world’s most cryptic mysteries: where do all the odd socks go? Jones’s eye-popping illustrations are phenomenal”

The Bottom Shelf
“This is an utterly charming story from the team that created the outstanding Don’t Think About Purple Elephants that reminded me of The Borrowers by Mary Norton (and which would be a great read-together serial as a follow-on.)  Like Sarah, the reader has to have sharp eyes to find what has happened to the socks because so much of the story is in the wonderful illustrations – a trait of perfect picture books in my opinion”

Huntingdon School Class K-2
The kids loved this story they all enjoyed finding the location and activity of the fairy’s on each page they wanted to take the book to show mum  where the socks go!

Phillip age 3.5 gave it 5 stars, said “this was the best book the fairy’s are so funny” and  “I hope they come and steal my socks” he wanted to read again straight away!