The Incurable Imagination

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Audrey has the worst case of ‘imaginitis’ her teachers have ever seen! While other children paint their families, Audrey paints the ogre who lives under her bed drinking tea. Instead of singing about a black sheep, she writes her own song about a desk with legs that runs away. Her alphabet turns into soup. It’s clear that her ‘imaginitis’ is incurable. What’s worse, her condition is contagious and soon the other kids in her class start showing symptoms of an equally incurable imagination! As ‘imaginitis’ spreads, the teachers are horrified and the parents begin to protest too. But perhaps imagination isn’t such a bad disease after all? It might even be useful if it makes learning more fun.




SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925335972 | Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages | Colour

Bob’s Books Reviews
“Read this great picture book for juniors and find out where Audrey’s imagination takes her. A good read aloud with illustrations that will have you smiling”. Click here to read more



Swings and Roundabouts
“Best book for older pre-schoolers, 3+ and could be read in any situation and great for stirring the imagination of young readers.”

Mums At the Table Magazine
“How can you go wrong with a book that features a child with a pet unicorn!”

Dim Writes Blog
featured included in a round up about books that celebrate the power of imagination.
“allows them(readers) to luxuriate in their childhoods and gives them permission to seize every opportunity to revel in their imagination” Click here to view

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“a super fun book with bright, bold illustrations that celebrates the absolute awesomeness of having a vivid imagination.” Click here to listen to the episode (reviews start at 22:00)

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“Paul Russell has allowed his imagination to run wild. The result is exciting, funny, optimistic and hopeful.” Click here to view

What’s Up Downunder reviewed
“A delight”

Buzz Words
“Useful in classroom settings to inspire creative work, this light-hearted book will also reassure children whose approach to learning differs from the norm. The children depicted in Aska’s illustrations are energetic and ethnically diverse” Click here to read

CBCA’s Reading Time
“The exuberant illustrations bring the real and imaginary worlds to life”

The Bottom Shelf Edu Blog reviewed
“Little children always have such wonderful imaginations that seem to disappear when the formalities of school kick in and this is an interesting look at what might happen if we just let kids develop in their own ways in their own time.” Click here to read in full.

Sunday Telegraph reviewed
“A picture book that encourages imagination and revels in the power of play.”

The Brag Dad

“This book is such an enjoyable read. Imagination is the one element that we often lose sight of. Paul Russell seems to caution parents about being too critical or too serious.” Click here to read

Blue Wolf Reviews interviewed local author Aśka
“A wonderful romp of a book that will without doubt become a firm favourite in the home and classroom. ”
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Pinerolo reviewed
“Imagination is contagious. It spreads rapidly through this school, chaos prevails and all attempts to cure it fail. Action packed illustrations follow this entertaining story.”

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” a delightful picture book about the wonder of imagination.”
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ABC Newcastle  reviewed
“Are you a creative person with a good imagination? What if it got you into trouble as a child? A Newcastle author has written a book about the worst case of imagination the teachers have ever seen.” Click here to listen

Perth Voice interviewed
” The book The Incurable Imagination is aimed at young children, but it’s also a poignant read for world-weary adults who have forgotten how to dream. “