The Pen Series Pack

USD $22.99

What would you do if all your problems could be solved with the stroke of a pen?

That’s the question posed in The Pen series, a collection of middle-grade fiction that follows the various owners of a magical pen that makes whatever they draw, happen!


In the pack:
Ruby and the Pen

Ruby and the Pen is the story of a 12-year-old, cartoon-drawing girl who buys a pen from a mysterious stall at the local market. She soon learns that the pen has a magical power. Initially the pen protects Ruby from the meanest girls at her new school, but over time the pen’s power becomes dangerous, leaving Ruby facing a whole new set of problems

Xander and the Pen

Xander, a boy who loves to draw superheroes, buys a pen from a mysterious market stall. He soon learns that the pen has a magical power. At first, the pen improves life for Xander’s family and friends, but there are unintended consequences. As events spiral out of control, Xander has a new set of problems to solve, and a big decision to make.

Download the Teacher’s Notes:


Unlike most children’s authors, David Lawrence started out as a financial analyst! He went from creating profit-and-loss statements to performing stand-up comedy and TV writing, before penning his first book in 2007. Since then, he has written another 12 fun-filled children’s books aimed at engaging reluctant readers. David is passionate about children’s literacy and is a proud Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Cherie Dignam has always loved drawing and works in a variety of mediums including coloured pencils and watercolour. However, she is at her happiest with a good old-fashioned dip pen and ink. When she’s not working to keep her pet cat Boris supplied with endless tins of tuna, Cherie creates from her home, a short walk from the beach in sunny Perth, Australia.

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