This is NOT a Book!

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In this fun-filled picture book, our main character is convinced they’re not in a book. After all, if this was a book, there’d be pages to turn … Oops! We’ve turned the page.

But that’s not proof this is a book. If it was a book, there’d be interesting settings and problems to solve. Hold on! Why is our lead character being chased by a lion? Why are pirates stealing treasure? And are those mermaids playing in a rock band?

This is NOT a Book! is the perfect introduction to how to tell a story.



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SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820508 | Hardback | 245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Full Colour

This is a book that is definitely NOT a book.. no way..

Breaking the fourth wall

The style of this picture book is humorous, light and a little tongue-in-cheek – yet with layers to pick up on with every reading. It’s a character-driven meta-fiction story that breaks the fourth wall throughout. It asks readers to ponder the meaning behind both the text and the illustrations, rather than handing them a clear-cut message.



A combination of fast-paced writing and larger than life illustrations

The writing style is intended to be reasonably fast-paced. The main character (if they are one!) investigates who they are and their place in their increasingly mayhem-filled and changing world. The illustrations help bring the continuing developments and action of the story to life, highlighting the fact that both the character and reader aren’t ever quite sure what’s “real”. This is a story designed to have children investigate and analyse.



Perfect for Classrooms

“This book is filled with metalanguage or the building blocks of what makes a story. It would make such a brilliant start to a narrative writing lesson..” – Love Four Learning.

This is NOT a Book! is the perfect introduction for kids to how a book is structured and how to tell a good story.
Comprehensive Teacher’s Notes can be found here

Kellie Byrnes is a children’s author, presenter, mentor, book reviewer, kidlit blogger, and full-time freelance writer with a BA degree in Literature. Her love of books, stories, writing, and creativity started from an early age.

As an emerging Australian author, Kellie was chosen as an Artist in Residence at The Crows Nest, Queensland, thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council. She was a mentee in the 2018 Writing with the Stars US picture-book mentorship program and in the inaugural US FicFest writing mentorship program. Plus, she has been a judge for two years in a row for the Pitch It writer’s competition run by Just Write for Kids Australia, and she reviews and blogs about kidlit monthly. Kellie also mentors and provides critiques and marketing services for new authors.

Kellie has presented at numerous literary events and bookshops, schools, and early learning centres, and enjoys encouraging children and adults to be creative and to develop their strengths as writers. She is a member of multiple writing groups and an active part of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Kellie also has experience working in the publishing industry in Australia, in both editorial and sales roles (for Pan Macmillan Australia and Hardie Grant Gift). Plus, she has worked in multiple bookshops during her career.

Kellie’s first picture book, Cloud Conductor (Wombat Books), came out in 2018. Since then, she has written several more books – and has some new ones coming soon! – including Yes! No (Little Pink Dog Books), Evie Is All Ears (Little Pink Dog Books), and How Do You Love?: The Five Ways We Show We Care (Feiwel & Friends, Macmillan US). 

Aśka is an energetic visual storyteller and a science communicator who is a passionate advocate of visual literacy. She has illustrated ten published books, makes comics, and is a regular contributor to The School Magazine and other children’s publications. Her other books include The Incurable Imagination and My Storee, both published by EK Books.

In her past life, Aśka was a physicist, and she still finds time to share her love of science and explosions with kids big and small.

A very clever way to introduce young readers to all the different elements of a story.

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“This clever meta fictive text is lots of fun for readers. The likeable protagonist speaks directly to them, demanding a response. Children will love that the power is theirs” Click here to read

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“A cleverly crafted piece of metafiction”

Educate. Empower
Teachers will love this book – it is a great way to break down how to write a narrative and the reasons we have different parts to a story.” Click here to read 

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The Space magazine (ECC)
I think my tagline for this would be ‘my first metafiction’- a book dedicated to picking apart what a book actually is, piece by piece, for children to understand. Aśka’s illustrations are charming as usual, following our purple-haired protagonist across each page to discover the next plot point, setting, or conflict until we- unfortunately- reach The End. 

Story Snug

This is NOT a Book! is a fabulous, fun example of metafiction, it takes us into the story to discover what elements make up a really good and compelling story.” Click here for the full review


“This small boy is in denial. Although this is not a book he takes readers through amazing adventures. Entertaining and energetic illustrations”

Oh Creative Day

“This book explores the features of narrative in such a fun and clever way. It is sweet perfection for the #EarlyYears set who are learning to become critical consumers of stories. I adore this book.” Click here to read in full

Love four Learning
📚This book is filled with metalanguage or the building blocks of what makes a story. It would make such a brilliant start to a narrative writing lesson..” Click here to read in full

The Bottom Shelf – Educator Blog
“a novel way to help children turn their ideas into written stories.” Click here to read in full.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Marvellously entertaining This is NOT a Book! from Kellie Byrnes … teaches about book construction while telling a totally hilarious tale of denial filled with fun.” Click here for the full review.

Buzz Words
“This is metafiction at its best. It takes a reader inside the book to discover how a good story is told.” Click here for the full review.

Eastern Reporter
“A page-turner, even if the lead character tries to deny the very existence of its pages.”

Kellie Byrnes on the Booktopia Blog
This is NOT a Book! is a fun picture book that breaks the fourth wall. It’s a light-hearted and action-packed meta-fictive story about a character who is VERY sure they’re NOT a character, and certainly NOT in a book.” Click here for the full review.

Kids’ Book Review
“This is a brilliant look at what makes a story and would be a great book for classrooms to read.” Click here for the full review.

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“A fun and clever way to show the building blocks of a story.

This is a book that denies it’s a book, which is actually a book that tells you how to write a book! Loved it!” Click here for the full review.

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