Two Rabbits

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In Two Rabbits, Little Brown Rabbit and Little Grey Rabbit have had an argument. As they go their separate ways into the night, the wind whispers around them to remind them of their sharp words. Will they be able to come back together and find a way to save their friendship?

The story portrays the physical and emotional journey of two best friends as they experience feelings of anger, sadness and loneliness. Young readers will learn that friendship can overcome differences and disagreements.

Specifications: 9781922539656 | 215mm x 288mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Larissa Ferenchuk is a writer who loves all things magical and whimsical. She lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband, three children and one very lovely Little Grey Rabbit. Two Rabbits is her debut picture book.

Larissa also works in a Preschool and loves spending her days with the very imaginative 4 and 5-year-old children there.

Prue Pittock started in advertising and illustrated and designed album covers. Since then she has illustrated 8 picture books. In 2020 she was shortlisted for the CBCA Eve Pownall Award.


Absolutely Mama | parenting magazine with approx. 35,000 online readership
“This sweet tale explores themes about friendship and feelings through Prue Pittock’s whimsical illustrations.”

Kids’ Book Review
“This is a beautiful reminder of what can happen in the heat of the moment, especially between friends. This should not mean that the friendship is over.Soft-toned colours blend with vibrant ones to create the insightful illustrations. Fine-lined images are juxtaposed against the fragility of the friendship. The powerful movement of the wind on the page indicates how strong anger can be; how destructive.”

Buzz Words
“Fixing a broken bond is never easy, but Two Rabbits encourages youngsters to take responsibility for their words and actions and make amends when another person has been hurt. This is conflict resolution on a small scale, a skill that no doubt will come in handy as kids hop into adulthood.”

Dim’s Write Stuff
“A tale that truly encompasses friendship, mindfulness and tolerance in relationships through two very relatable (and beguiling) bunnies.”

Just So Stories
“It’s an excellent resource for any emotional intelligence program/unit of work as well as just a charming read-aloud for young ones who are still navigating their way through friendships, new and old. Helping our little humans to resolve their differences, and more importantly, understanding that we can have points of difference with people and still be friends is essential. We only have to watch any news bulletin to see the results if not raised to do this. There are astonishingly fulsome teaching notes which would be a hugely beneficial bonus, for any extensive work with this one. If not for your own collection or classroom, this would definitely be one to pass onto a school counsellor or even chaplain.”

Corner on Character blog: Perfect Picture Book Friday selection
Suffice it to say that this gem is a must for your social and emotional learning collection … Since we simply cannot give away what we don’t have, self-awareness is key to moving through our conflicts. As these two rabbits meander through their feelings, what they notice along the way heightens their sense of who they are and what they want.

“Prue Pittock’s subtle and whimsical illustrations add to the emotions in the story while the depiction of the characters on their separate paths allows us to empathize with both friends.”

Kirkus Reviews
“This simple story will be a good discussion starter for readers dealing with the inevitability of childhood fights. Uncluttered, stylistic illustrations first feature leaden skies during the fight and separation but subtly transition to happy dawn colors after the two make up. For fun, readers can trace each rabbit’s path on the endpaper map. Will ease little ones through the heat of a fight to the joys of reconciliation.”

Picture Book Book Club
“An important story to teach young readers that true friendships can overcome arguments and disagreements.”

Bottomshelf Edu Blog and OZTL (Teacher Librarian Network)
“Using a clever textual technique where the actions and thoughts of each are mirrored in the text, this is a charming story for little ones who are still feeling their way with forming friendships”

Love Four Learning
“I like the way this story conveys the physical effects you may feel after a disagreement with a friend. It shows both Grey and Brown Rabbit not knowing what to do to fix their friendship and yet by admitting responsibility and saying two words, forgiveness can repair. A sweet social and emotional learning book.”

Tomorrow’s Schools Today
“The story portrays the physical and emotional journey of two best friends as they experience feelings of anger, sadness and loneliness. Young readers will learn that friendship can overcome differences and disagreements.”

Linda’s Book Bag | 19.4k Twitter followers and a very dedicated blog following
“an utterly charming story… gives parents, teachers and carers the opportunity to discuss emotional intelligence, and the positivity of being kind, in an accessible manner”

Through the Bookshelf | long running, active book blog
“Perfect for starting discussions and developing ways of dealing with inevitable squabbles, this is a story for both home and school, encouraging children to value their friendships and acknowledge their role in disagreements.”

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