What if … ?

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For Issy, and many more little worriers, ‘what if…’ are two small words that lead to uneasy feelings. But maybe they can be used for something a little more fun…

In this colourful adventure, ‘what ifs’ become springboards for happiness and imagination. Why worry about monsters under the bed when you could wonder what if the clouds were purple and orange and green? Children will delight in this playful exploration of words and their power to change how we feel, turning anxiety into wonder.


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SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820973 | Hardback | 245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Full Colour

‘What and If – two powerful little words.’

Written by Clinical Psychologist Lynn Jenkins

“We are the bosses of our brains and can choose to think in ways that make us feel how we want to. I wanted to create a fun and empowering way to start conversations about the power words have over how we feel; to encourage children to think about ‘How do you want to feel? Which ending to your ‘what if…’ would you choose to achieve this outcome?’”

– Lynn Jenkins



Engages the ‘smart brain’

The ‘topsy-turvy’ nature of the different scenes engages a different part of the brain to the part that is dominant in anxiety.

“We are very familiar with the catastrophic endings to ‘what if’ thoughts, but why do those two little words have to end in yuckiness? I wanted to give kids and adults alternative endings that are fun and novel. And these qualities, i.e. humour and novelty, excite the ‘smart’ brain. When the smart brain is engaged, the ‘worry’ brain isn’t.”

– Lynn Jenkins


A perfect resource for little worriers

Young children, parents, carers, teachers and therapists alike will find methods to manage anxiety and to open conversations about worry in this playful and accessible tale. Showing children that their ‘what ifs’ can lead to feelings of fun, happiness and freedom is key in teaching them how we can change the way we feel simply by changing the way we choose to think.

Teacher’s Notes are available here

Lynn Jenkins is an experienced clinical psychologist, author and mother of three. In addition to writing What if…?, she has written five titles in the bestselling ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series: Lessons of a LAC, Brave, Perfect Petunias, Grey Glasses-itis and Tree. She has also written Ollie’s Treasure, a picture book about mindfulness, and two non-fiction titles, Best Start and School Start. Lynn is passionate about early intervention, and it is the angle all her books take. She offers writing workshops for children using mindfulness and brain education to help with descriptive writing.

Kirrili Lonergan is a picture book illustrator and art therapist. She has a passion for storytelling through pictures and relates warmly to the needs of children through her former years working as a paediatric nurse. Kirrili is the co-creator of the ‘Lessons of a LAC’ educational sessions and is currently working on her ninth picture book. She is an active committee member for the CBCA Newcastle Sub-branch and a regular volunteer for Books4Outback.

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The Daily Telegraph
“A valuable and practical resource to help an anxious child”


Literacy, Families and Learning

“A delightful book … written by an experienced author/clinical psychologist and illustrator/art therapist. It’s an explanation of how children think and how we can help them ‘turn those worries into wonders’. Click here to read in full

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