Xander and the Pen

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Xander and the Pen is the story of a boy who loves to draw superheroes, and the pen he buys from a mysterious market stall. He soon learns that the pen has a magical power: whatever he draws, happens! At first the pen helps Xander improve his family’s fortunes, but there are many unintended consequences and soon everybody is angry at Xander. With problems galore, Xander has one big decision to make – should he use the pen to draw one more picture?

Specifications: 9781922539403 | 210mm x 135mm | Paperback | 272 Pages |B/W Illustrations | EK Books

A Unlike most children’s authors, David Lawrence started out as a financial analyst! He went from creating profit-and-loss statements to performing stand-up comedy and TV writing, before penning his first book in 2007. Since then, he has written another 12 fun-filled children’s books aimed at engaging reluctant readers. David is passionate about children’s literacy and is a proud Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Cherie Dignam has always loved drawing and works in a variety of mediums including coloured pencils and watercolour. However, she is at her happiest with a good old-fashioned dip pen and ink. When she’s not working to keep her pet cat Boris supplied with endless tins of tuna, Cherie creates from her home, a short walk from the beach in sunny Perth, Australia.

Buzz Words
“David Lawrence tackles some deep and serious issues in this story with warmth and compassion. Disability, bullying, greed, and dishonesty are woven into the story in a way that is age-appropriate and meaningful for readers. Cherie Dignam’s black and white illustrations enhance the story and provide the perfect visual insight into the main characters.”

The Strawberry Post | 2.2k Twitter followers and a very dedicated blog following
“a fun, exciting and funny read”

Armadillo Magazine | online books reviews magazine | Winter 2023/24 edition | Helen Byles 
“With fantastically detailed illustrations,… this book promotes messages about bullying, family dynamics, disability, and the environment. A fast-paced, entertaining middle grade fiction that will resonate with kids everywhere.” 

“Following a track laid down in the series opener, Ruby and the Pen (2023), an Australian boy discovers that a magic wish-granting pen is more curse than blessing. … A light tone, deep issues, and good and bad choices to ponder.”

Kids On The Coast,
“David Lawrence weaves a spellbinding narrative that will keep you turning the pages, and you’ll be eager to discover how Xander tackles the hurdles that lie ahead.”.

Grapevine issue 4,
“Featuring hilarious illustrations, this entertaining middle-grade fiction will resonate with kids everywhere!”

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