Engaging kids in the ‘Art of Words’ and the magic of storytelling is a fundamental step in every child’s development.

This collection of EK books aims to help raise the next generation of writers.

Who knows, maybe their books will be on our list one day too!

USD $18.99

Engaging, entertaining and educational, this unique ‘language through adventure book’ will inspire young readers to appreciate the joy of making stories from words.

USD $17.99

An action-packed adventure into the wonderful world of books, the power of the imagination, the art of storytelling and the importance of family.

An engaging and creatively designed picture book that provides inspiration and support for reluctant writers and dyslexics, and shows the importance and power of good teachers

USD $18.99

In this fun-filled picture book, our main character is convinced they’re not in a book. After all, if this was a book, there’d be pages to turn … Oops! We’ve turned the page. But that’s not proof this is a book. If it was a book, there’d be interesting settings and problems to solve. Hold on!