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Welcome to EK Books – Books with Heart on Issues that Matter

Six years ago, EK Books set out on a mission to publish children’s books on themes that other publishers fear to touch.

Our motto is ‘Books with Heart on Issues that Matter’ and our books are crafted by authors and illustrators whose backgrounds include teaching and psychology. These creators have a knack for unpacking complex issues, making them engaging and memorable for even the youngest readers.

From entering the world of a relative with dementia or a child with autism, from overcoming anxiety to coping with the loss of a parent, from finding the courage to try new things to standing up to a bully, from moving house to making friends, from looking after our environment to exploring new countries, and much, much more, EK has real life happily covered for children aged 4 to 10. So it’s no surprise that our gorgeous books with their great characters and glorious illustrations have seen EK go from strength to strength.

We have been nominated for the Publisher of the Year (Oceania Region) Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and among the awards and accolades our titles have received, we have twice won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for Book of the Year in Australia and New Zealand. Available in all English-speaking countries, and in translation across Europe and Asia, EK Books provides hope, heart and entertainment for children worldwide.

We invite you to discover our books and share in our passion for giving children tools for life.