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Welcome to Exisle Publishing's home for kids books with Great Story, Great Characters, and a Great Message. Here you'll be able to learn about your favorite authors, buy books direct from the publisher, and learn about the latest events.

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Welcome to EK Books – Great Stories, Great Characters, Great Message

Welcome –to great books with glorious illustrations and great characters. These books are for anyone to enjoy but are normally purchased for 3-11 year olds. The hard covers come with reinforced bindings, as they are read time and time again. Look out for some really useful messages that help all sorts of children in lots of common situations.

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We are so excited to share the news that Don't Think About Purple Elephants, Peas in a Pod and What Could It Be? have been selected to feature on the 2017 NSW Premier Reading Challenge List!

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The Reading Challenge kicks off in March so be quick, grab your copy and get reading!

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