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Australia: Illustrated Launch Wrap Up

Hard to believe the launch of Australia: Illustrated has already come and gone!

The final week of October saw author (and illustrator!) Tania McCartney hold the virtual launch on her own website. There’s still stacks of Australia: Illustrated content and other goodies so be sure to visit Tania’s site here to catch up on anything you may have missed.

The official launch of Australia: Illustrated was held at Harry Hartog bookseller, Woden last Saturday. Tania herself has described the launch as something as surreal as a dream!

“When I began speaking at the launch today, it indeed dawned on me that perhaps I was dreaming, and that everyone who came along was actually gatecrashing a dream and that I would soon wake up. This is how surreal it is to see, hold and touch my own illustrated book.”

Below are a couple of snaps from the weekend.
You can also click here to see all the moments captured from Saturday’s book launch!



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