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Worry Monster loves ‘helping’ Archie worry, especially the night before he starts his new school. Archie feels so anxious that his head hurts, his tummy flutters and his heart pounds. He soon realises that the only way to feel better is to make Worry Monster go away. He does his belly breaths and challenges his inner fears by facing facts. Go Away, Worry Monster!  gives children useful strategies to cope with their anxieties and stress, showing them how to make their own Worry Monsters leave.

Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award for New Illustrator of the Year 2021

CBCA Judge’s Critique: ‘rich and textured drawings support the minimal text and create a colourful worry monster; a quirky version of a dragon with a sock on its head…. [The] illustrations are confident and well considered and will help readers relate to this story.’

Download the Teacher’s Notes Here!

Specifications: 9781925820393| Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages | Colour

What Book Next?
Go Away, Worry Monster uses tried and true strategies currently used by psychologists to assist children in putting aside their anxiety, worries and fears. This Hardback picture book is a non-confronting way to approach any worries a small child may have about new situations in school or at home.” Click here to read more

The Corner On Character 
“…children will relate to his worry correlating with the Monster getting bigger and bigger; it’s a very real conflict, especially since “he’s a big boy now” and he wants to be able to take care of this problem himself.” Click here to read more

Karen Tyrell – reviewed on YouTube
“helps kids to identify symptoms of anxiety and strategies on how to overcome anxiety”  Click here to view

My Child
“Gives children evidence-based strategies to cope with anxiety. This invaluable resource is an excellent spring board for discussions with children who are experiencing worry.”

Direct Advice For Dads Podcast

The Juggling Act by Kidspot

My Child
“Gives children evidence-based strategies to cope with anxiety. This invaluable resource is an excellent spring board for discussions with children who are experiencing worry”

What’s Up Downunder
“If you have a child, or grandchild, who worries this is the book for you” Click here to read in full

Kids’ Book Review
“Children will relate to Archie, and the story by Brooke Graham incorporates useful simple techniques for managing stress and anxiety, and shows children that they are not alone in having worries.” Click here to read

Bottom Shelf Edu Blog
“Worry Monsters have been out and about all this year, not just before big events like starting school and any stories that help our littlies develop strategies to send them on their way are welcome.  This one is beautifully written and illustrated and any child could put themselves in Archie’s pyjamas and feel empowered.” Click here to read

Blue Wolf Reviews 
“As a subliminal element many parents reading this out loud will also engage with the simple and yet effective methods of learning to cope with new and unexpected things in their children’s lives” Click here to read in full

Brooke interviewed by QT and piece syndicated to Courier Mail
“Motivated to equip young children with tactics to navigate anxiety, the Ipswich schoolteacher created a picture book in which the “worry monster” embodies irrational fear. The protagonist defeats the monster – anxiety – by using the same techniques Charlotte learned from a counsellor to manage her anxiety.” Click here to read in full 

ABC Darwin
“gives children useful strategies to cope (with anxiety).”

“Blending rich illustrations with uplifting text, Go Away, Worry Monster! is bound to become a beloved childhood volume. The story is awash with superb strategies to help kids cope with stressful situations, and supports youngsters as they seek out their own inner strength.” Click here to read in full

Byron Bay Bibliotherapy
“It can be hard to find a picture book about anxiety that appeals to kids and isn’t too much like a self-help manual. Go Away, Worry Monster! is highly recommended for anyone dealing personally or professionally with anxious kids.” Click here to read more

3 reviews for Go Away, Worry Monster!

  1. Errin Attard

    ‘Go Away Worry Monster!’ is the perfect book to read to my Kindergarten class as they are getting ready to move up into BIG school. Through gentle suggestions, Archie teaches the youngest of worriers to rid their own negative thoughts by practicing simple and effective strategies. The illustrations capture the essence of a young mind, manifesting Archie’s imaginative worry monster to life. ‘Go Away Worry Monster!’ is one of those books you can read time and time again, yet find something new in the illustrations… keep your eye on the teddy bear, he is my favourite!

  2. book

    No problem Kinjal. There’s always next time. If you want me to pick a few books for you

  3. September Neef

    I surely will!!!

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Magic 89.9 interview –

“an incredible picture book”

Go Away, Worry Monster! Author Brooke Graham on The Morning Mashup

With so much going on in the world that is beyond every kids control, there is a newly released picture book, Go Away, Worry Monster! and it’s a timely reminder that there are lots of things kids can do to send their worry monster packing! Go Away, Worry Monster!

picturebooking –  A Message from Brooke Graham


How my daughter made her worries go away

When Charlotte was little I used to joke with my husband, Wade saying how could we-two introverted people create such a blithe and gregarious child? At only four years of age our daughter delighted in dancing on stage, was obsessed with putting on ‘shows’ and was utterly fearless.

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AWC alumna Brooke Graham’s debut picture book helps kids with anxiety | Australian Writers’ Centre blog

AWC courses completed: Writing Picture Books Writing Picture Books Masterclass How to Write for Children and Young Adults Build Your Author Platform As a mum and a primary school teacher, Brooke Graham knew the value of good children’s books. Reading to kids was one of the most enjoyable parts of her job.