Once I Was Loved

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An old toy rabbit finds himself in a box of toys donated to charity. ‘But it wasn’t always this way,’ Tock reflects, ‘Once I was loved.’

From World War II to rock ’n’ roll, from the moon landing to the Hippie movement, this is a story of the children who’ve loved Tock across the decades.

A celebration of the timeless nature of love, set against the backdrop of iconic moments of the 20th century, this heart-warming picture book is for anyone who has ever cherished a childhood toy, resonating with kids and adults alike.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820027| Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages

The Corner on Character Blog reviews –
“It’s a tale that I predict will tug at your heartstrings  and one that I enthusiastically recommend you add to your shelves for read aloud or tuck-in time.” Click here to read more

The Book Bag
“It’s a lovely story, beautifully illustrated in pastel shades by the author and it’s one which will appeal to both boys and girls. The soft toy is one which both sexes love and the children who have the benefit of Tock’s love are evenly mixed. I could perhaps have wished that not all the children had been white, but that’s me being very picky. The illustrations capture changing fashions and I loved the way that Tock ‘aged’ from being the pristine toy which was given to Sam to the well-loved elder statesman of rabbits who returns to her all those years later.” Click here to read more


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