Ruby and the Pen

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Ruby and the Pen is the story of a 12-year-old, cartoon-drawing girl who buys a pen from a mysterious market stall. She soon learns that the pen has a magical power: whatever she draws, happens! Initially the pen protects Ruby from the meanest girls at her new school, but over time the pen’s power becomes dangerous. Soon, Ruby has problems galore and one big question to be answered — should she fix all of her problems with the stroke of a pen?


Specifications: 9781922539380 | 210mm x 135mm | Paperback | 280 Pages |B/W Illustrations | EK Books

Unlike most children’s authors, David Lawrence started out as a financial analyst! He went from creating profit-and-loss statements to performing stand-up comedy and TV writing, before penning his first book in 2007. Since then, he has written another 12 fun-filled children’s books aimed at engaging reluctant readers. David is passionate about children’s literacy and is a proud Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Cherie Dignam has always loved drawing and works in a variety of mediums including coloured pencils and watercolour. However, she is at her happiest with a good old-fashioned dip pen and ink. When she’s not working to keep her pet cat Boris supplied with endless tins of tuna, Cherie creates from her home, a short walk from the beach in sunny Perth, Australia.

Just So Stories,
“There’s a lot of absurd humour in this which readers will enjoy very much, and the villains are nasty enough to also be a hit. Underlying the humour are some deeper themes of ethics, family, friends, relationships and the abuse of power, which would provide some interesting discussions. Cherie Dignam’s illustrations are terrific with definite echoes (for me) of Ronald Searle, and perfectly suited to the content.”

Kirkus Reviews
“An engaging study of power and moral choices.”

In the Good Books (via instagram),
“12 year-old Ruby loves to draw cartoons. She buys a pen from a mysterious market stall one day, and realised that the pen has a magical power – whatever Ruby draws, happens!! But it isn’t all good news, and as Ruby tries to wean herself away from the pen, she is hit with problems galore! This entertaining story is suitable for middle grade readers, and touches on topics including bullying, teamwork, and the environment.”

We Made This Life | active blog with 7.6k Twitter followers,
“a great plot and great themes for children of this age [9-12], struggling with fitting in and issues with school. Definitely recommended!”

Literacy, families and Learning,
“Any 12-year-old who picks up this delightful book will find it hard to put down.”

Buzz Words
“Ruby and the Pen is filled with comedy and heart, combined with Cherie’s black and white illustrations which are lively and dynamic. Young readers are going to thoroughly enjoy the first book in this new series.”

Armadillo Magazine
“David Lawrence can indeed write fantastic comedy but in Ruby and the Pen, we find it mixed perfectly with compassion, sensitivity, and a depth of understanding that we perhaps don’t often expect to blend with comedy.”

Magpies Magazine
“Dotted with wonderful pen and wash illustrations, and exposing topical themes such as bullying, while espousing the environment and working together, this novel for middle primary readers will gain an enthusiastic audience as Ruby is a most appealing character.”

Story Links
“Ruby and the Pen is a fun read for any kid who has ever wanted to rewrite (or draw!) the world around them and their place in it.”

Reading Time
“a great transition book for emerging readers moving off junior fiction books..”

Kids’ Book Review
“Fantastic artwork by Cherie Dignam enhances David Lawrence’s story full of humour and clever prose.”

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