The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses

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Sam doesn’t like his new glasses. They make his ears hurt. His parents say he looks handsome in them. But Sam just wants to look like himself. His teacher doesn’t recognize him — she says he must be a new superhero. But Sam doesn’t want to be a superhero. He just wants to be himself. Eventually, with a bit of confidence and a lot of humour, Sam finds out that wearing glasses isn’t so bad — and people still like him just the way he is after all.

Children and teens with glasses face adjustment to wearing them. It can be hard to look after glasses and keep track of where they are. It can make children and teens feel different. They can be teased and identified as different. Kids may refuse to wear their glasses. It’s important that children feel included when they wear glasses and even a superhero. For more information: Good Vision for Life

Good Vision for Life

SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925335996 | 215 x 288 mm / 8.5 x 11.25 inches | Hardback | 32 Pages

Little Parachutes Review
“A super book that has been carefully and skillfully created to comfort and reassure children who are finding it difficult to adjust to wearing glasses. The story is narrated by the protagonist Sam in a tone you would expect from a young boy. The beautiful illustrations by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall really breathe life into the characters.” Click here to read more

Good Vision for Life featured
” The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses brings the issue of vision problems into sharper focus. National marketing manager for Optometry Australia, Trinity Scarf, applauds the book as it addresses such an important issue in an engaging way for kids. ” Click here to read the full review



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