Tomorrow Girl

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A Tale of Mindfulness

Catch up with a girl called Tomorrow —you better be quick because she’s always in a hurry! ‘You’ll catch up with the next day if you keep rushing,’ says Tomorrow’s mother. But when Tomorrow meets worrywart Yesterday and trips over thoughtful Today, her whole world begins to slow down.

Tomorrow Girl is a quirky tale delivering a timely reminder about the importance of mindfulness and what can happen when we allow ourselves time to be in the moment amidst a modern-day rush. It’s brimming with wonderful teachable moments for children to reflect on how they can be more mindful in their everyday lives and discover new friendships just by being in the moment.

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Specifications: 9781925820362 | Hardback | 245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Full colour

Mummy is Reading
Tomorrow Girl has generated some wonderful conversations… This has been fabulous and I whole-heartedly recommend this to young children and families.” Click here for the full review.

Buzz Words Magazine
Tomorrow Girl: A Tale of Mindfulness will gently encourage children to slow down and find magic in their everyday. It is a clever and sophisticated picture book.” Click here for the full review.

Children’s Books Daily
Tomorrow Girl is the perfect book to kickstart discussions about mindfulness and slowing down to appreciate the wonder around us. A truly magical (and mindful) find for my school and home library.” Click here for the full review.

Blue Wolf Reviews
Tomorrow Girl is an interesting way to focus on being in the moment and appreciating people and places around you. The story and illustrations are calming and enjoyable.” Click here for the full review.

Dr Tanya McDonnaugh founder of TMC Psychology writing for Motherdom
“With so many sources of potential anxiety for our little ones at the moment, it is easy for children to get caught up in thinking about where they need to get to, things that have not gone to plan in the past, or worries about what the future holds. This book is a wonderful introduction to the therapeutic benefits of stopping to notice the beauty that is around you, of acknowledging your past and considering your future, but also taking pleasure in the here and now.” Click here for the full review.

Educate Empower
“Teachers and parents can not only open discussions with the little people in their lives about slowing down and just being but can also think about their own lives and how busy we often make them unnecessarily.” Click here for the full review.


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