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A Gentle Story of Love and Loss

The fifth book in the popular ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, Tree will help children to learn how to say goodbye and process grief.

Tree is the much-loved centrepiece of the community. But one day Curly and Loppy notice that Tree’s leaves are starting to fall — at the wrong time of year — and Tree’s bark is flaking.

It’s Tree’s time to leave. Fortunately Curly is able to teach Loppy how to accept that Tree is leaving, say goodbye, and commemorate Tree’s life.



SPECIFICATIONS:  9781925820126 | Paperback | 305 x 230 mm / 12 x 9 inches | 32 Pages | Colour

Donovan’s Literary Services 
“Kirrili Lonergan’s whimsical Seuss-like drawings provide appealing embellishments to a very simple lesson in saying goodbye to a loved one.” Click here to read more

“encourages (children) to commemorate a loved one’s life and prepare for endings which like sunsets, may still be beautiful no matter how painful. Tree is a useful resource for guiding youngsters through the odyssey of grief. “ Click here to read more 

Brisbane Courier Mail
“The latest release in the popular Lessons of a LAC series … from child psychologist Lynn Jenkins helps children learn to say goodbye, process grief and commemorate a loved one”

Senior Matters
“The quirky looking characters are endearing and would appeal to a young audience.”

Early Childhood Educators Australia – Every Child Magazine
 “Lynn Jenkins has written a splendid fifth book that focuses on early intervention in the social and emotional development of young children. This story explores loss and grief in young children. ‘Tree’ continues the adventures of Loppy the LAC and Curly Calmster as they say goodbye to their much-treasured friend Tree.”

School Day Magazine reviewed
“sensitively explains loss” Click here to read in full

Bottom Shelf Edu Blogs
“Given the summer holidays that many of our students have experienced where all that was familiar is now blackened and gone, this is an important book to add to your mindfulness collection and share with the children.” Click here to read in full

Read For Fun
“This is a brilliant book to help kids and families work through issues that deal with losing someone special, especially when they have time to say goodbye.” Click here to read in full

Buzz Words
“Tree is a story about saying goodbye and coming to terms with the loss of a friend.” Click here to read in full

Children’s Book Council of Australia – Kids Corner
Ran a feature about dealing with worry feelings and the tools developed to manage them by Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan in the Lessons of Lac series  “Remember your feelings are like farts. They are better out than in! Click here to read in full

What’s Up Down Under
“A superb book”

Blue Wolf Reviews  
“Beautifully created Tree, A gentle story about love and loss is the perfect resource for helping little ones learn to understand and accept grief, letting go and the changes this brings about in their lives.” Click here to read in full

Reading Time
 “The overall tone is of warmth and understanding, despite the topic underlying the plot being grief and loss.” Click here to read in full

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