Meet Loppy the LAC (‘Little Anxious Creature’) and Curly the Calmster in our Lessons of a LAC Series.

Written by clinical psychologist Lynn Jenkins, and illustrated by art therapist Kirrili Lonegran, this series gives children ways to think about and manage common emotional difficulties and is a valuable resource for every child to help guide their emotional development. 

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Pack of all 5 Lessons of a LAC titles

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Loppy notices that he feels differently when he looks at the world around him through different-coloured glasses. Grey-glasses-itis helps children to understand the link between how they see things and how they feel, and that a simple shift in perception can often give them some influence over their feelings, helping to build their emotional resilience.

USD $17.99

Through the characters of Loppy LAC (‘Little Anxious Creature’) and Curly the Calmster, kids discover a useful way to think about their anxieties — the first crucial step in managing them. This is the first book in the gorgeous ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, designed to give children ways to think about and manage common emotional difficulties.

USD $17.99

Loppy LAC is very worried about not doing his homework well enough. He is always focusing on what he hasn’t done rather than what he has, and he becomes very frustrated.

Perfect Petunias is a book especially for those little people who find it hard to make mistakes, designed to ’shape’ perfectionistic tendencies towards being a little more self-accepting and flexible.

USD $18.99

Tree is the much-loved centerpiece of the community. But one day Curly and Loppy notice that it’s Tree’s time to leave.

Tree is a gentle story of loss that helps children to learn how to say goodbye and process grief.

In Brave, Curly teaches Loppy how to manage his worries, specifically his worries about going to school. However, the technique of helping children to ‘find their brave’ can be applied to any challenging situation.

Also by Lynn and Kirrili