Ollie’s Treasure: Happiness is Easy to Find if You Just Know Where to Look!

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Ollie’s Treasure is tale of mindfulness for young, developing minds. Ollie’s grandma sends him a treasure map that promises to lead him to ‘something that will make him happy always’.

Of course, Ollie thinks this ‘something’ will be a toy of some sort, but he gets both a rude shock and a big surprise when his treasure turns out to be him!

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover | 215 x 288 mm | Colour | 32 Pages |

ABC Newcastle – Mornings with Jenny Marchant, June 2017
“Ollie goes on a treasure hunt and learns it is not about the treasure but the journey” – Click here to listen.

Ultra 106 Five, June 2017
Lynn caught up with Dave from Ultra 106 Five Hobart to talk about her new children’s picture book, Ollie’s Treasure. Listen to the interview here.

Linda’s Little Lit Reviews, August 2017
“Jenkins reminds us how the little things in life become commonplace, losing their uniqueness, but should be experienced as treasures themselves. Through Lonergan’s animated watercolor and ink illustrations, readers will enjoy the “cheeky rat” Ollie as he hops, jumps, and spins his way across the pages filled with beehive-shaped houses and colorful gardens using each of his senses… A wonderful exercise in finding that happiness isn’t that far away, and is perfect to use in the classroom.”

Boomerang Books, July 2017
A gorgeous testimony to the art and importance of mindfulness, Ollie’s Treasure reinforces the value of appreciating the simple enduring things in life, like a grandmother’s love, over mere materialistic possessions.  Dreamy illustrations and gentle prose make this a story to share.”

Red Reading Hub, July 2017
“as part of a programme for young children’s mental health and well-being, it offers a good starting point for reflection and discussion.”

Pinerolo, July 2017
“Ollie’s Treasure by Lynn Jenkins & Kirrili Lonergan (EK Books). Happiness is easy to find and we are all treasures in our own way. A touching and heartwarming story that ends in a big hug. Lovely for grandparents to share with their grandchildren – all treasures.”

Kids on The Coast, July 2017
“A tale of mindfulness for young developing minds”

Jnr Bookworms Book Review, June 2017
“They enjoyed Ollie’s treasure hunt and found the illustrations wonderful. The children all agreed the best part was when he realised that he actually had the treasure the whole time. The teachers loved this book and thought the story was beautiful and a great book to show the wonders of things if we just look around.”

Literacy, Family and Learning, June 2017
“a story that points to the value of mindfulness for our children in a world of hustle and bustle and gadgets”

The Weekly Times, June 2017
“fun-filled picture book about mindfulness”

In The Good Books, June 2017
“This picture book sends a very important message to children in an uncomplicated way about encouraging mindfulness and living ‘in the now.’ It is a lovely story that I am sure young readers would enjoy!”

The Bottom Shelf, June 2017
“An original story with a wonderful message.”

Boffins Books, May 2017
“Ollie’s Treasure is such a beautifully illustrated book and will relax children using mindfulness techniques to tune in to the sounds, smells, taste and touch that calm the mind and body and help them take a step back to enjoy life and the simple joy of little things.” 

SchoolDays, May 2017
“An interesting story to teach young children how to find happiness in things other than toys.  A good book with a simple but important story for all young children. Do get it!”

Books+Publishing, May 2017
“Author and clinical psychologist Lynn Jenkins is savvy about the tools for engaging the social and emotional development of children, and Kirrili Lonergan’s illustrations are vibrant and energetic, depicting Ollie (a mouse) in constant action.”


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Wallsend District Library, 21st July 2017.

Celebrate the launch of Ollie’s Treasure at Wallsend District Library on the 21st of July! More information can be found here