Birdie Lights Up the World

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In Birdie Lights Up the World, Birdie the penguin believes she is the chosen one who lights up the world every night with her song. When the sky lights up without her one evening, she is left feeling lost and confused. Birdie tries to learn the work of other zoo animals, without much success — until her friends help her realize her true purpose.


Specifications: 9781922539489 | 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books

Alison McLennan is a Queensland based children’s author. Her picture books include Hotel For Bees (State Library of Qld 2020), Growing Pains (EK Books 2021) Great & Small (Storytorch Press 2022) and Birdie Lights Up The World (EK Books 2023) Her junior fiction series, Calamity Jones, is coming in late 2023. Alison’s graphic novel, A Flood in the Village was published by Library For All as part of their natural disaster education series and her short stories have appeared in the School Magazine and the Spooktakular Stories Anthology. She is a member of Writelinks Qld and a proud ambassador of Australia Reads.When not writing, she works as a professional voiceover artist, singer and actor. She has two gorgeous teenagers and two adorable fur babies.

Lauren Mullinder has had a passion for drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil. Lauren lives in Adelaide with her husband and dog Charlie and loves spending time in nature with a sketchbook in hand.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“‘The message here is, sometimes we believe things that just aren’t true. Being flexible and adjusting our thoughts with knowledge can show us new ways..“

Bookworm for Kids
“Birdie is adorable and comes across wonderfully on every page. Her joy and disappointment are clear as she does her best to figure things out. Readers/listeners will have no trouble sympathizing with her and hoping that she finds the solution she’s looking for. … It brings across the message well and shows how talents can simply be used for enjoyment…and how that can be a blessing in itself. It’s a sweet, uplifting read from beginning to end.”

“Children as old as 10 will also benefit from discussions on topics such as extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and the importance of self-worth..”

Buzz Words
“My kids loved the illustrations by Lauren Mullinder, especially the indigo hues in the night scenes where the pages sparkle like the stars and the moon. They also loved Birdie’s journey of self-discovery and were happy that she realised her talent. .”

Anything Goes Lifestyle | blog and magazine with 18.4k Twitter followers
“a sweet little book about finding – and sharing – your gifts”

Dim’s Write Stuff
“The ultimate ode to friendship ties this story together like a warm hug, suggesting we don’t need dramatic dazzling results as proof that our efforts are valued and worthwhile.” 

The Strawberry Post | 2.2k Twitter followers and a very dedicated blog following
“a lovely and heartwarming story… I’m sure lots of children will enjoy the tale and the illustrations again and again”

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