Lessons of a LAC

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It can be hard to stop worrying when you’re a Little Anxious Creature!

Lessons of a LAC is an essential resource tool, presented in an engaging picture-book format, to help children manage their worries and anxieties. Through the characters of Loppy LAC (‘Little Anxious Creature’) and Curly the Calmster, kids discover a useful way to think about their anxieties — the first crucial step in managing them. This is the first book in the gorgeous ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, designed to give children ways to think about and manage common emotional difficulties.



SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 305 x 230 mm / 12 x 9 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |

KU Children’s Services
“It’s never too early … to provide young children with more awareness around mental health and emotional wellbeing can provide them with skills for life.” Click here to read in full

Early Childhood Book Reviews
“This wonderful book was written by an experienced Australian clinical psychologist and it is full of valuable messages for Little Anxious Creatures all over the world. We love that this book offers skills to deal with anxiety and worries. It’s clever, funny and USEFUL. Helping children think about their anxiety is the first step in managing them. It opened up very useful conversations and I must say it’s even helped my anxieties a little too with being given the knowledge of some easy self-help tools! .” – Click here to read in full.

Just So Stories
The delightful illustrations are very reminiscent of Dr Seuss whacky style and will have genuine appeal to children. Art activities which combine ‘feelings’ concepts are a very distinct possibility with this one. .” – Click here to read in full.

In The Good Books
“It is a really good book that will help to give your child a better understanding of their worries, and help them gain skills that they can use in order to help manage anxiety.” – Click here to read in full

The Daily Telegraph
Primary schoolchildren will be shown how to channel their inner calm in this story about managing anxiety. Written by clinical psychologist and mother-of three Lynn Jenkins, Lessons Of A LAC has been branded as an emotional resource to help kids develop strategies to manage their anxiety. And there are probably a few lessons in there for mum or dad as well.”  Click here to read in full

The Herald Sun
This great book is aimed at helping little anxious creatures manage anxieties … written by a clinical psychologist, this is a wonderful book for parents of anxious children” – Click here to read in full

New Idea
Written by clinical psychologist, Lynn Jenkins, the story shows children that just because bad things might happen it doesn’t mean they will!” – Click here to read the review in full.

At The Table Magazine
“There is great wisdom in the narrative.” – Click here to read in full.

Reading Time 
” Using minimal text and large expressive drawings, this picture book aims to help children to understand their anxieties.  Written by a clinical psychologist, it gives ideas about how to stop worrying. –  Click here to read in full.

Mums At The Table
“Children respond to the quality of care they receive, so what are the early things parents can do to ensure they develop well socially and emotionally.” – 
Click here to read in full.

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