Pear of Hope

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Winner in The Forevability Literary Awards 2021 – Open Picture Book Category

Pear of Hope is the story of a little girl with cancer and her tale of recovery. This is intertwined with the growth of a pear tree, which symbolises the enigmatic concept of hope. Told through sensitive words and gentle, beautiful illustrations, the story will comfort and inspire any children who are struggling to feel positive, whatever journey they may be on. It is a vibrant reminder of the beauty of the world around us and of the fact that, like Anna, with hope you can face any battle!



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SPECIFICATIONS: 9781925820867 | Hardback | 215 x 288mm / 8.5 x 11.25in | 32 pages | Full Colour

A vibrant reminder of the beauty of the world around us and of the fact that, like Anna, with hope you can face any battle!

Words from the author

“Some would say hope is something children need a lot of these days, in light of world events and concerns. A psychologist, C.R. Snyder, wrote that hope is a way of thinking, rather than just an emotion. It is something that people can work to develop, and we can potentially train our minds to be hopeful.”

– Wenda Shurety




Symbolism of the pear

In many parts of the world, the pear symbolises the human heart because of its similar shape. The ancient Chinese believed that the pear was a symbol of immortality and that the pear tree symbolised long life and good fortune. Similarly, in Christianity the pear tree is said to symbolise the promise of eternal life. In Korea, the pear tree is a symbol of comfort and is said to give wisdom and health.




A Message of Hope

This book explores the topic of illness in a gentle, positive way that will be a comfort to any children struggling with this difficult journey and a valuable resource for their parents, carers, educators, counsellors and medical staff. With gentle prose and beautiful images, this book is also celebration of nature, its beauty, and connection between its health and ours.




Wenda Shurety, or Wobbly Wenda, is a children’s author, scientist and archer. She loves to write from the heart about nature, diversity and the magical world of the imagination. Wenda was born in London and began her career in science, studying Biochemistry at the University of Surrey and Cell Biology at the University of Cambridge. She worked in a laboratory in New York, then moved to Australia to work as a scientist at the University of Queensland. There she met her husband, started a family, and now calls Australia home.

Becoming a mum inspired Wenda to write stories for children, and she has since written two books, Eva’s Imagination and The Golden Treasure, and been featured in the anthology It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. Wenda was delighted when Eva’s Imagination was read out on Play School last year. She also has two more books coming out in late 2020, both inspired by nature: Nature’s Toybox and Dig! Dig! Dig!

Wenda has written Pear of Hope to encourage hope. She has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for twenty years and hasn’t let it stop her. Hope has been instrumental with her journey, and she aims to share it with others so that it might help them, too. In addition to being a scientist and writing wonderful stories, Wenda is also a classified para-archer and will compete in the National Australian Para-archery Championships in March 2020. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, daughter, pug and dachshund.


Deb Hudson is an illustrator who is passionate about drawing bright, happy and colourful images that evoke emotion and thought in their viewer. She was previously a teacher, and taught English in Japan for four years. She then studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and became a mother. Her first picture book, The Golden Thread, was published in 2019.

Deb has been drawing and creating since she was a little girl. As a child her mother said she was ‘off with the fairies’ in her own little dream world, dancing about in dress ups and talking to imaginary friends. Deb is inspired by joy- and wonder-filled dreamy moments of the everyday.

She lives in the fabulous city of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, three children, energetic border collie and a bright yellow canary.

Educating Young Children
“This book would certainly help support any child in dealing with health struggles and provides a positive message of hope and bravery. Comprehensive teacher’s notes can be found on the publisher’s website.”

This book, as well as being carefully crafted and beautiful, is a helpful resource. It will help children and their caregivers and friends understand and navigate terrible times such as illness and trauma. Its message of the story is hope. That hope can be a tangible thing, and a skill that can be developed.

Reading Time
“Author Wenda Shurety wrote Pear of Hope because as someone living with Multiple Sclerosis, hope has instrumental in her healing process” Click here to read

The Space magazine (ECC)
This is a simple story with sweet illustrations detailing a pear tree at the bottom of Anna’s garden.
When she becomes very sick, she plants a new seedling and we get to watch her and the seed bloom into health together.
A sweet book about hope.

NZ Booklovers
“Told through sensitive words, the gentle story will inspire and comfort children, regardless of their journey. It is a great introduction to building a positive outlook in the face of struggle, or as the buzzword in education would put it, resilience.

Pear of Hope will be an invaluable resource for educators, carers, and those in the medical profession. But it will also be of value to parents. The message is universal. Children face transitions and challenges of all sorts throughout their early years, Pear of Hope will provide comfort and inspiration to all.” Click here for the full review.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“Delicately created to allow discussion to occur about some of the seriously troubling issues of illness, life and hope, Pear of Hope uses the pear tree and the pear, a symbol of so many things in varying cultures, all underscoring immortality, life, good fortune and wisdom and health.” Click here for the full review.

Dim’s Write Stuff
“Utterly exquisite and inspiring, Pear of Hope is a beautifully crafted tale capable of uplifting and guiding children through confusing and daunting experiences not least of which serious illness.” Click here for the full review.

Love Four Learning
“deals with a diagnosis of childhood cancer so sensitively and evocatively. Yet despite its sad subject matter it’s overwhelmingly a story of hope.”

Can you Tell Me A Story
“a thoughtful and gentle exploration of the profound impact of childhood illness. … such a beautiful and hopeful story.”

School Days Magazine
“A lovely picture book for emerging readers showing positivity and that when facing difficult circumstances” Click here for the full review.

The Bottom Shelf 
“While some of our students may be in Anna’s particular situation, there are many more who are facing other challenges and who need the reassurance that time will pass, and like the pear tree, they will prevail.  So this is one to share and talk about so each can take what they need from it” Click here for the full review.

Mo Moe Picture Book
“The considerate story encourages both children and adults who suffer from illnesses or who face challenges in life, to stay hopeful and resilient… a beautiful book full of hope, wisdom and encouragement”

Just Write for Kids
Pear of Hope is like a comforting canopy of sweetness to gain warmth and nourishment from, for all and especially those with difficult life circumstances.” Click here for the full review.

Educate Empower
“EK Books really does publish some excellent books for those big issues and this story really brings this topic alive, ready for heartfelt discussion.” Click here for the full review.

Buzz Words
Pear of Hope is a gentle yet uplifting way to introduce the subject of childhood cancer to kids aged six to eight. More broadly, it is also a powerful promise to anyone on a difficult journey that where there is life, there is hope.” Click here for the full review.

Armadillo Magazine
“provides a good starting point for developing empathy and understanding of the challenges some children face. Suitable for children 4 upwards, it would make an excellent addition to a school library.” Click here for the full review.

Kids’ Book Review
“full of hope and love for children and others in times of severe illness” Click here for the full review.

What Book Next?
“A beautifully illustrated story showing a young girl’s journey through cancer. Instead of treatments and hospitals, her journey is shown through the loss of energy, dark clouds and fog surrounding her and then her slow recovery back to a hopeful future.” Click here for the full review.

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